Sh*t You May Have Missed… Like Las Vegas Club Collapsing

Las Vegas Club CollapseLas Vegas Club Collapse

Hey all, BigAZMarty here with this week’s news about our favorite place, Las Vegas!

News will be probably be trickling out over the next two weeks as casino corporations will be working on the 3rd Quarter Earnings presentations that will start late next week through November.  The Oct 1 events will NOT be in this earnings statement, but future earnings may be mentioned due to the events.

MGM on a different buying spree, this must have been in the works before the events of Oct. 1.  But it will definitely put people into the Mandalay Bay Resort and its Events Center in during the summer months.  MGM has purchased the WNBA team San Antonio Stars and will be moving them to the new home court at the Mandalay Bay Events Center (home court).  Vital Vegas had early news but had the arena a little off (T-Mobile instead of Mandalay Bay Events Center).  That end of the strip is becoming sports central.  Read LVRJ here.  Hard to believe this team was originally the Utah Starzz (Jazz tie-in).  The current logo is a wee bit Raider’ish… needs to add more color and some Googie Stars on it.  Maybe see if you can get the rights to the old Stardust sign and just put Las Vegas Stars instead of Stardust on the jerseys.  Better yet… make them the Las Vegas Stardust!

After a cancelled Q & A session last week and a “Where is Campos?” conspiracy theory run up over the last weekend, both Mandalay Bay employees on the 32nd floor in the 100 hallway ended up on the Ellen Show 10/18, LVRJ has the video of their interview as well as the article here. .

Caesars will be pressed since coming out of bankruptcy by the Unions, read here.  I was trying to find this last week but somehow it disappeared from an earlier location…. and of course, a major contract negotiation will happen next year.  Welcome back to normal business, Caesars.

Going to be in town Oct. 21?  Harrah’s is celebrating its 80th birthday; it is a nice roundup of acts out at Carnival Court, read the Caesars Blog here.  Have some fun!

Barrett Jackson Auto Auction has started at Mandalay Bay Convention Center and LVSun has a nice gallery of it here, it opened Wednesday.

Just in time to go with the 2nd Crane arriving, Resorts World has named it’s LV Construction Manager as reported by LVSun here.  Let’s get moving… it’s almost 2018 and you have a 2020 open date!

Have some extra time on Oct. 24th? Head down to the Smith Center for Performing Arts and see some burlesque via Melody Sweet’s The Sweets’ Spot at Myron’s Cabaret Jazz at the Smith Center.  Read LVSun here.

Elton John has announced he will end his Caesars Palace residency in May 2018, read LVSun here.  If you want to see him, the final show tickets go on sale Oct. 22.  I recommend this show and he will be missed from the Las Vegas scene…. My wife and I saw him beginning of last year and highly recommend it.

More Age of Chivalry gallery photos via LVSun here.  Still trying to figure out the shadowy Lara Croft in pic 18 though… seems a bit out of place.

All Net Resort and Arena has been approved by Clark County as of this Wednesday, read LVRJ here for details, now with two hotel towers.  If this falls through maybe Alex Merulo’s group that is purchasing SLS can jump-in and get the land cheap for some new add-on projects ( the rumor that SLS will be renamed Grand Sahara Resort is still floating out there… and it would match the Reno naming of Grand Sierra Resort).

Caesars is wetting your appetite for New Years by posting photos of the themes and decorations of its various resorts for the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebrations, see and read here via LVRJ.  You can say this, Caesars is trying really hard since bankruptcy… we have seen a 4X increase in their Total Rewards emails since coming out of bankruptcy.

Just in time for Halloween, Zak Bagan’s Spooky Haunted Museum gets some video coverage from here.  Still super creepy, but new is the basement has its own haunted history?

Vital Vegas has it that Gold Diggers is closing up at Golden Nugget downtown after Halloween, read here.

Shows swapped at Westgate; Purple Reign out, and Dirk Arthur in, per Vital Vegas here.

This is interesting especially since me and my wife’s cell phones almost never have a cell signal in the middle of any casino (both Samsung’s so not cheap phones), Stations is rolling out at a test casino a card-less method of getting your slot rewards, read the new cardless system report here from Vital Vegas.

LVRJ has it that bollard installation construction on the strip sidewalks is starting down near the Mirage, read here.

Las Vegas Club Collapse

Las Vegas Club Collapse

Oops, Las Vegas Club deconstruction had a street side error that went from the top of building down to the center lane of Main Street.  See twitter shot via LasVegas360 here.  Supposedly it’s already cleared up and they are back at work… nothing to see here folks…. almost like no harm no foul.  The real fact is everything is supposed to stay in the building footprint, not street side to the center divider.

That’s it for the news around town this week… and now over to our Editor-in-Chief, LasVegasJunkie, for our stuff and more.

Gracias, BigAZMarty!

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That’s all Folks!

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