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Hey all, BigAZMarty here with this week’s news about our favorite place, Las Vegas!

South Point is undergoing a $40M Room and Suite renovation, read Fox5 here for details and some room photos.  To limit room downtime they will be taking it year by year by each of the 3 towers for a, you guessed it, a 2020 completion date. Oh, and if you want to, get the new rooms starting at end of 2018 for an additional $10 “upgraded room fee”.  I have one observation, that’s waaaaay too many shades of brown, was the designer on chocolate and caramel overload from Valentine’s Day?  There is NO pop of color in these photo’s…and the photo’s well mostly are soft goods, no shot of what the TV’s or entertainment/dressers will look like.  I’ve stayed here and while a good affordable room the wife finds the bathroom too basic (almost old base Harrah’s room like…but cleaner).  In the king rooms look like they are losing the smallish sofa in favor of two upholstered chairs.  I do like the wood (maybe) floor though.

Chinese New Year photo gallery here care of KTNV Las Vegas.  I especially like the In ‘N Out bus boy hanging with the dancers at the Linq Promenade.

Salt Room LV is becoming a thing in Las Vegas, read KTNV here on what this is and what the benefits are.  I may have to try this out as I used to live at the beach as a teenager and I remember never having so much as a cold.  If I remember The Linq Spa has some sort of salt treatment room but it may be just a wall of Himalayan salt. Try the Salt Room LV in Summerlin and the new location in Henderson.

Winner, winner chicken dinner! $1.23M paid to a Wisconsin man who’s name was not released at Fremont in Downtown Las Vegas. Read LVSun here.  Congratulations Wheel of Fortune winning Harley Davidson shirt wearing dude!

Caesars Palace properties will now be doing a mandatory once in a 24 hour period room check with Security Personnel even if a Do Not Disturb sign is on the door.  Read LVSun here.  Somehow I see a whole bunch of lawsuits coming off of “encounters” interrupted or in the shower freak outs occurring.  Suggestion, a room check button on the phone for when you are out of the room.  With the recent room check questions around the Oct. 1 event expect this until a comfortable medium between guest and security can be wrought out.

Wynn’s “retirement” comes with No Golden Parachute probably due to expected lawsuits, and the corporate clauses are he vacates the Wynn Villa by June 1 while still paying rent on it.  His administrative support ends May 31 and his healthcare ends Dec. 31.  However, the big surprises is he can’t dump his stock and is limited on how much he can sell as well as how he sells it, read LVSun here.  In LVRJ’s version here there are some more nuggets that the company can terminate the use of the name Wynn at any time with written notice in advance (at that point the rights to the Wynn trademark goes back to Steve).  He also gets a 2-year non-compete clause.

Aria’s Convention Center is now open and ready for reservations, read LVSun here.  That photo out of the slideshow that shows the T-Mobile Arena view should also see the new Park MGM Pool District (it’s below the level of the photo).  Remember this space if I remember used to be the Aria theater where Zarkana was performed.

More details on Opium at The Cosmopolitan’s Rose. Rabbit. Lie from LVSun here.  March 13 is the opening date and well for some reason I’m getting a Walter White meets Aliens vibe here.  Or maybe they just did a musical of the LA Tower scene from the original Independence Day?  Either way, it should be wacky and wild.

EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) 2018’s lineup has been updated read here.  Remember it’s in May this year and now has onsite camping (details here).  If you don’t know what this is about, you should take a listen to our founder’s new venture online via #VegasUntz and listen to his podcasts of the Untz here.  Go DJ Moe Cosagio.  He has a good feed on where the Untz is in Las Vegas since LVSun’s Industry Weekly article seems to have disappeared recently.

Nevada’s Gaming report came out and guess what, LV Strip has the tightest slots in Nevada, this is an interesting read as I had no idea Laughlin had the best table win for players read LVRJ here.  No surprise that penny slots pay the casino the best, surprised that Boulder Strip has the best paying slots for players.

Days before a foreclosure auction of the property, Lucky Dragon has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy read LVRJ here.  Chapter 11 is the one where they are going to reorganize while still paying off creditors normally… however if they fail to pay creditors they may lose everything and have all asset’s auctioned off by the bankruptcy court.

LVRJ goes over the Westin’s new casino less main floor where Jake & Eli now stand, read here.  The big surprise is the hotel seems to have gone non-smoking as well.  So if you are a convention traveler there is a hotel near the strip that will not leave you smelling like you were in that old dog’s playing poker painting.

In a weird statement, Marriott is going to invest “over time” $50 Million for part ownership in the newly renamed The Drew read LVRJ here.  Not sure this is sweat equity where Marriott pays for the “Soft Goods” for the rooms or not remember that Carl Icahn sold everything not nailed down and where The Plaza got a lot of the furniture for it’s remodeling years ago.  I think the escalator may have gone to Downtown Grand as well.

MGM’s 4th Quarter and Year End 2018 results are in and it’s not pretty. Between Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay/Delano, they are down 6% year over year as expected from the Oct. 1 event.  Other properties fared much better except for Monte Carlo which has a lot of construction and rooms offline while it becomes Park MGM later this year.  Macau saved their bacon from a loss as well as a well-timed U.S. tax break, but analyst were expecting more so their stock price slid after the announcement.  Read the release here.  They are expecting REVPAR in Las Vegas to decrease Y-O-Y by 3 to 5% in the first Quarter of 2018 as well.  USNews has how they missed here.  Remember that Mandalay Bay had no marketing for several months and is just now getting back to normal as of CES.

Boyd Gaming also missed expectations on their 4th Quarter, although for completely different reasons (weather at non-Las Vegas locations) read their report here.  The slip-on stocks are also to blame on more Midwest and South area competition for the upcoming year which will offset their Las Vegas performance, read CDCGamingReports here.  However they should be picking up some properties from the PENN/Pinnacle merger to add in as well and that may also offset as they get one of the nicer properties in the St. Louis area as they take over the Ameristar St. Charles (not sure why PENN kept the former Harrah’s now Hollywood and sold the Ameristar St. Charles almost across the river from each other).

In more MSG Sphere Arena news (the new music and event arena way out back of Venetian and Palazzo) LVSun here has details on County Commission approving a parking waiver (will use parking spaces of hotel complex) and yes the FAA will have to approve the buildings height and if it’s a distraction to pilots or not (Southwest pilots usually pipe up here).

Now installed outside of McCarran airpot I mean airport, 13 of 20 planned legal drug disposal boxes are installed outside of the airport’s perimeter with some being installed at car return drop off before you get on airport property read LVSun here for details.  Sure they will be well maintained, I am sure they will be an evidence plethora of information from DNA to fingerprints…..oh sorry Captain Obvious broke in there for a sec.  Curious if this goes to a private company, if while cleaning out the box is the worker that collects the disposed of drugs exempt from the laws on the amount of drugs in possession?

Well, well, well, an arrest was made after another robbery (the mentioned $9K) happened at South Point’s cashier cage.  Read LVSun and pictures of the perps as well here.  Good to know these people won’t be doing this for a while.

Wow, the county commission has a $5M contingency plan in case the Raiders Stadium goes bust before it’s completed, read LVSun here,  Now if they can just find a way to get those SkyVue towers down….and if Resorts World doesn’t move soon there as well.

Katz in LVRJ here has that Queen with Adam Lambert will be a possible residency for Park Theater after July 4, read here.  Also of note further down in the article is that Robin Leach is recovering still.  But the entertainment nugget is that Caesars may be returning to Vegas-style shows with a duo of shows one of Marylyn, A New Musical and the other is a Bettie Page musical.  Fun things upcoming entertainment wise.

MarC of EDGe Vegas via travelvegas has the new outstanding looking feature of Neon Museum, the Brilliant! Experience where music and projectors bring to life old neon signs without repairing the neon.  Read and I’d suggest a dark timeframe, info, and costs here.  I like that put in a YouTube video embedded to get an idea of what it looks like.

EATER Vegas has all the Pronto by Giada news here at Caesars Palace, first up is the retail shop that is also a dining area here.  They also cover the Wine Bar portion as well here.  Finally, they have the counter service portion here and yes gelato!!!!  This looks a million times better than the old Payard, and for some reason looks way bigger.

DTLV has info on new attractions for the Mob Museum here, a soon to be speakeasy in the underground?  April 20th for that one but something new for people staying at Downtown Grand to be able to walk over to and enjoy.

Nice, a fire in the Las Vegas wetlands, so 14 acres of some 200+ acres were burnt and cleanup is ongoing now but you can see the coverage from 8newsnow here.

CNN coverage that the serial shooter of homeless people in Las Vegas has been caught and charged here.  This is just nuts, why would anyone feel they have the right to drive around and shoot people who are down on their luck?  Glad they were caught and hopefully spend the rest of their lives behind bars (not sure if Nevada has the death penalty).  Good riddance I say.

That’s it for the news around town this week… and now over to our Editor-in-Chief, LasVegasJunkie, for our stuff and more.

Gracias, BigAZMarty! It was a slow week for Vegas Bright as I was in, where else… Las Vegas!

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