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Hey all, BigAZMarty here with this week’s news about our favorite place, Las Vegas

  1. Well now, after many, many “stories” and revealed Entity Y, LLC company that paid the settlement ($7.5M for possible paternity issues…yet no child seems to have been mentioned or verified) and that LLC getting involved in the investigation as well as previously unpublished newspaper articles about his coercive getting sex with employees (like this grandma in the unpublished article from LVRJ here),  Steve Wynn has stepped away from Wynn Resorts, Inc. via a resignation read CNBC here.  The events were piling up and one big one is that Okada is now allowed to sue the Wynn board (read LVRJ here).  Now a lot of the sexual harassment was back from his Mirage/Golden Nugget days, it still is the 1980’s and those laws were still on the books.  Interesting that with his money he didn’t just fly to Pahrump and buy a brothel so he could “play” with those employees like Dennis Hof does.  Perhaps that will be his next venture since him keeping a gaming license in any capacity will be severely limited due to the “good standing citizen” clause.
  2. LVRJ has a nice article on the reaction to his resigning, namely from the same waitresses he fired due to weight issues as well as witnesses to the sexual coercion by Wynn and management of his female employees.  Read LVRJ here and then think about that Dennis Hof statement in #1.
  3. By Wynn resigning it did NOT sway the Nevada or Massachusetts Gaming Board’s Investigations to be dropped, sounds like after getting egg on the face these boards will be going far down the rabbit hole and more names should be forthcoming and the actual license of Wynn Resorts in each state may be at risk, read here.  As per LasVegasJunkie’s podcast, Wynn Resorts becomes a takeover target at around $140/per share…LVRJ is owned by Sam Adelson which is CEO and Chairman of Las Vegas Sands.
  4. Oh, and before you start to feel “bad” for him, he will probably walk away with a $300M package plus his 12% share of Wynn Resort Stocks intact, read Fortune here.
  5. If you were not familiar with everything that Wynn had design and idea influence over, read this vegasseven article here on what Wynn has done as a builder and visionary and how it has changed Las Vegas to the core.
  6. Matthew Maddox is the new CEO of Wynn Resorts, Inc. and has served as CFO and COO and was instrumental in Macao becoming a large profit center in Wynn Resorts quiver.  Read info on him here from Arkansas Times.
  7. Lucky Dragon foreclosure was put off to Feb. 22, read LVRJ here.  Derek Stevens was on hand as an observer but did not have a cashiers check to purchase.  Perhaps that will change, there seems to be a lot of empty lots out back that could possibly be gobbled up and join this to Stratosphere as well.  Just saying…look at Google Maps at it and then back out to view Strat and you’ll see a lot of empty lots between that north backside and the Strat.
  8. Well, after all, that and we missed the really really NSFW AVN gallery from vegasseven here, make sure you are in a safe place with deniable lack of proof before you view this,  Of course, clear that browser cache after viewing.
  9. Now for some Valentines Day stuff, vegasseven has a great guide to unique things to do for Valentine’s Day, read here.  Word to the wise, that Black River excursion down the Colorado in Feb. will be COLD, pack accordingly. Oscar’s will not have that great view of Las Vegas Club either, it’s a block of rubble now.
  10. MarC of EDGeVegas via reports on how the Nevada sports books made out on the recent SuperBowl overall, read here.  William Hill was the biggest loser as all the big Philly bets seems to be at a WH location.  Caesars was reported as a big winner overall, but for most, a very small percentage hold on bets.
  11. Wanting a great steak without all the pretentious nonsense? Texas Roadhouse is opening up in North Las Vegas near the Cannery Casino, read Eater Vegas here.  This chain and Logan’s Roadhouse are my favorite steak places as they cook with a fairly similar style without all the pretention of a Ruth Chris or Mastro’s.  I know the ladies like to see their man all dressed up, but where I live it’s damn hot (10 degrees on average warmer than Las Vegas) and that is never a pretty sight in a nice restaurant.
  12. Pronto by Giada is now open at Caesars Palace, EATER Vegas has the details on it here. $4.50 for a single scoop of Gelato, so budget accordingly.  It is very much a quick bite type of place but nice and different items for sale that are unique so it has that going for it.  There are some “regular” items mixed in for those that have favorites.
  13. EATER Vegas has an interview with the creator of Zuma at The Cosmopolitan read here.  Interesting that they had to add more meat and steak to the menu and are still refining the restaurant.
  14. EATER Vegas here also has two locations for Zero Degrees coming to Henderson (The District at Green Valley Ranch) and the Westside (Decatur and Flamingo).  Just look at all that Red Hot Cheetos dust, do NOT rub your eyes if handling that…I say from experience…it’s painful.  Interesting items and if you have a spicy adverse pallet I’d not recommend the Red Hot Cheetos assisted dishes.
  15. Mandalay Bay is going to renumber several floors (31 to 34 changed to 56 to 59) read LVRJ here.  Nice to see LVRJ at least give Vital Vegas a nod as it was first reported on his Twitter site.  They are still mulling over a  name change.
  16. LVRJ has a nice article on Treasure Island owner and 50% owner of Trump Las Vegas, Phil Ruffin here.  After reading this seems he was never really willing to build on that 2nd tower site for Trump after the Great Recession, that plot was then sold to Wynn Resorts, Inc. along with the Alon land.  Now you know why Gilley’s moved from New Frontier to TI.
  17. LVRJ has the US News and World Report Top Resorts numbers for Las Vegas via Gold Badged or Silver Badged here.  Heavy on Wynn, Las Vegas Sands, and MGM properties.
  18. Fremont Street Experience needs LVCVA money to the tune of $9.5M to do a floor to ceiling revamp of the Fremont Street Experience according to LVRJ here.  Hopefully, they are looking at something that is leading edge instead of stadium tech for the canopy, Samsung’s MicroLED tech might just be the thing and their CES panels were 8K.  At 2017 CES Samsung displayed it as an actual movie screen so it’s possible.
  19. The city of Las Vegas is selling more Symphony Park land in a deal that prices the land undervalued so that some Urban Housing Density can take shape, read LVRJ here.  They should look at a nice grocery chain like Whole Foods or AJ’s out of Arizona next those new residents will need to buy food somewhere.
  20. Harrah’s announces the completion of the renovations to the Las Vegas location just in time for their 80th Anniversary, read PR Newswire here.  The photos are in a Dropbox account so be aware.
  21. Fox5news has drone footage of the work being done on the new Raiders Stadium here.  This thing may go up as quick as T-Mobile Arena if they are working the stadium floor already.
  22. Monte Carlo cashiers cage was the location of an attempted robbery, but the employee refused to go along with the demands for money and the robber left empty-handed only to be caught by police later, read LVRJ here.  No word from the police if this is related to the rash of robberies that have been happening around Las Vegas Casinos and SportsBooks.
  23. So LVRJ is saying here according to consultants the Wynn name may not be removed from the company or the resorts.  Read here.  Just not sure that is going to be what actually happens.  The one that is currently being built near Boston has had resistance to being named Wynn and this has been reported in Boston news via Boston Globe here.  I remember UltraViolet also flying a plane near the strip with a banner with Fire Wynn, I’m sure they would want the name removed as well.
  24. Vital Vegas has a review of the Delmonico Steakhouse by Emeril Lagasse at the Venetian here.  I’ve stayed there for a week in the Venezia Tower (on top of the Parking Garage) and I couldn’t remember where this was for some reason.  Restaurant Row….memory jogged, thanks, Scott.
  25.  Finally, some more Monte Carlo deconstruction as 800 Degrees and Yusho former locations lose their windows via Vital Vegas twitter feed here.  Scroll down further to see the new Park MGM pools lit as well here.

That’s it for the news around town this week… and now over to our Editor-in-Chief, LasVegasJunkie, for our stuff and more.

Gracias, BigAZMarty! Another busy week…

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  1. ChrisinNashville | February 12, 2018 at 7:23 am | Reply

    We have to assume that Steve Wynn won’t be living or staying in his golf course vila? I have not heard anything about this but I have to assume. For those that don’t know, he lives in a villa on the 18th hole with a perfect view of the waterfall.

  2. While Texas Roadhouse has many locations in Texas; I find it ironic that they got their start in Indiana. The food is good though. Everything made from scratch and great steaks.

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