Blonde4ever’s Thoughts on Traveling Solo

Vegas Bright writer Blonde4ever returns with her thoughts and tips for traveling solo in Sin City

I was asked recently why I had never done an article about traveling solo. It seems like a glaring oversight considering that on many of my trips I am doing just that.  I decided I needed to rectify this omission so here are my ruminations about the art of traveling by yourself.

I was born and raised in Montreal at a time when there was a lot of hostility shown towards English people. I had no friends and the neighbor kids would dump a pail of sand on my head as soon as look at me. (True story.)  I learned quickly that keeping to myself was the safest thing to do.

My two favorite places to play were the train tracks and a deserted factory. Can you tell it was the 60’s and my mom really didn’t know where I was when I went “out to play”?

I used to call the train tracks the “trail tracks”, I am not sure why nor do I know why I was so obsessed with them. I guess because I was sure they led to somewhere more exciting than where I was right then.  The factory was an abandoned screw factory. I dubbed it the Screwball factory.  It was a deliciously terrifying place to wander about. I convinced myself it was haunted and used to go commune with the ghosts. I was very sad when they tore down the Screwball Factory but I discovered that the ruins gave me a whole different landscape to play in.  In the center of the property there was a large hole that used to collect water. I called this my “Lake of Shining Waters” a la Lucy Maud Montgomery.  I would sit amid the broken concrete and shattered glass and gaze at my “lake” and imagine all sorts of things.  Looking back I realize how crazy and dangerous this all sounds but this was a different time and children were often left to their own devices.

Being alone was something I had no choice but to get used to and I am now comfortable with.  I don’t waste time wondering why I am alone, I just use those precious moments to explore the inside of my own head.  If you are content with your own company in your day to day life then traveling alone is something you will enjoy.

One of the best things about traveling alone is the FREEDOM. You don’t realize how important freedom is until you don’t have it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home and my family, but every minute I am there “something” is expected of me;  cooking, cleaning, laundry, finding “things” for people because they can never seem to find anything for themselves; there is always something.  But the minute I step on that plane to Vegas I am FREE. You don’t know what to eat for dinner? Not my problem. Can’t find your black shirt? I guess you will just have to wear something else.  It is such a blessed relief to realize that for an entire week the only person I have to make happy is myself.

Of course, there are lots of benefits to traveling with a friend too; you have someone to chat with over dinner. You have someone to exchange medical information with in case one of you get hit by a bus. You can use all of those great “two for one” coupons that are useless to singles. But it is also wonderful to wake when you want to, shower when you feel like it, eat whenever and whatever you choose, go to bed at 3 am if you are on a hot streak and not have to worry about inconveniencing anyone else.

I follow a general rule of thumb when I travel alone;  I don’t do anything in Vegas that I wouldn’t do at home such as wandering unfamiliar areas alone at night or going places with total strangers. You must trust your instincts. If something feels “hinky”, get out.

If perchance you do get to feeling lonely, you have to take action. Don’t sit there with your phone in front of your face; make eye contact with people and smile!  The best advice I can give about making friends is to take part in something you are passionate about. Chances are you will run into someone who shares those interests and before you know it you will be engaged in a conversation with them.  Vegas seems to be a particularly wonderful place for making new friends. I have been slurped up into all manner of strange conversations just by smiling at people.

I am heading out soon on yet another “Solo Vegas Vacation”  with no feelings of trepidation, only excited anticipation.

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About the Author

Bonnie, aka Blonde4ever, is the admin of one of our favorite Vegas forums: LasVegas4ever. She covers a large spectrum of topics from her personal experiences in Las Vegas.

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  1. Greg Garrett | October 18, 2017 at 7:31 am |

    I am in the same boat as far as coming to vegas solo. People always ask me “why do you travel alone?” I tell them I can go, do and see what I want when I want with no issues. I am also planning my next trip to vegas in march for basketball playoff’s. Have fun and win big.

  2. Me too. I usually go to Vegas on my own. The exception is during Super Bowl weekend, but even then I am on my own for the majority of the time. I like being able to go where I want when I want. To me it makes the trip more of an adventure.

  3. Thank you for the article. I prefer to travel alone, especially in Vegas. I wholeheartedly with your comment about freedom. I have been to Vegas with friends and I loathe the planning and expectation to attend “events”. I enjoy doing whatever I want whenever I want.

  4. Truth be told, I enjoy Vegas a lot more when going solo for many of the reasons you mentioned. I might be by myself, but I’m never alone in Vegas. Just the way this extroverted introvert likes it.

  5. Hugh C. McBride | October 18, 2017 at 12:51 pm |

    Excellent post – was great to see your byline again. And that opening about the trail tracks & The Screwball Factory? Maaaagnificent! :-)


  7. As Brendon said, you never feel alone in Vegas. You can travel solo to a lot of places, and find things to do despite the lack of a companion, but nowhere I’ve ever visited has been better suited to solo travel and exploration than Vegas.

  8. You know how i feel about this! I need my complete freedom and will only travel alone. To everywhere.

  9. Just Passing By | October 18, 2017 at 4:22 pm |

    Has anyone here reported on the new renovated rooms at Monte Carlo. They gave me a free preview room. Ill report back if no one has yet. Im staying for a few nights then will be staying the rest of my time at the Aria.

  10. Your spot on Bonnie! I used to go with friends, everyone wants to go places at different times, & eat at different places, Now I go alone eat when I want, where I want’ & what I want, I find most of the bar tenders are friendly, So if I need company I can always find it! Good luck on your next trip!

  11. Great article! at least 90% of my Vegas trips have been solo with no regrets. Vegas is probably the easiest place in the world to do a solo vacation. most vacation spots I would NOT want to go solo, but Vegas, hell yeah! anytime. with that freedom, you can lose yourself in the magic of Vegas and be carefree for a few days.

  12. Thanks for the insight! Planning my first solo vacation there over the Christmas holidays. There’s a part of me that will find it exciting; another part will miss the companionship I normally have. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

  13. Excellent article, Bonnie! I, too love to make solo trips to Las Vegas! I like making spur-of-the moment choices and eating meals at odd hours. When friends tag along, I feel that I have to entertain them… the worst thing that anyone can say to me is “Whatever you want to do is fine with me”… Ughh… I enjoy small lounge shows, graffiti hunting, riding through the mountains and shopping at the 99 Cent Stores… that isn’t exactly what my friends want to do…Yes, it’s all about “Freedom”… Regards, Big E

  14. Cathryn Carter | October 19, 2017 at 3:29 pm |

    Very happy to see your by-line back! I’ve only been to Las Vegas twice solo (business conferences) and I didn’t enjoy those trips nearly as much as trips with my spouse. We travel well together and can agree on “what do you want to do today” questions. I’ve also had one trip with sister-in-law and her husband. That was one of those onerous ones in that it’s hard to please all. Yes, definitely, you can have great conversations with strangers with a preceding smile.

  15. I have “Gone to Vegas” several times alone [the latest in my 50’s] — I would do it again in a heartbeat! I had been there a number of times before the ‘solo’ trips, so I was familiar with how friendly Vegas would be and I was certain that if I needed someone to talk to, that wouldn’t be a problem. I have traveled many places [including the infamous THEMED parks] by far, Vegas has been the most welcoming. Both the industry employees and travelers — I’ve always returned rejuvenated and with amazing stories!!

  16. Hi Bonnie! Great article, I have traveled alone to many places, primarily for work, and have even gone to Vegas a couple of times alone, both for work and for fun, so I completely understand and agree with what you are saying.

    For me, one of the biggest freedoms I think I have when travelling alone is that everything is at my own pace and schedule. My last trip, I spent a few hours eating, exploring, and gambling at the Rio just because I had not been there in many years. That is not something I would usually be able to do with a group, because unless they wanted to eat there specifically, or perhaps visit the VooDoo lounge or zip line, there would not be a truly compelling reason to go there. Speaking of eating, I also get to go to some restaurants that, as a group, I would probably not be able to frequent due to it being too eclectic, or too much of a hassle to try to herd everyone to.

    Good luck on your next trip, and enjoy! I’ll be heading out on a poker trip in just over another week as well, and while it isn’t strictly solo, it ends up feeling that way sometimes because it is a smaller group, and we spend a lot of time at the tables individually. :-)

  17. I generally do the semi-solo trip – arrive a day or two early before friendsfamily arrives or stay and extra day or two after they leave. Best of both worlds. I get me selfish solo stuff out of the way and don’t resent what “they” want to do when together. Haven’t done an entire solo trip but, probably will at some point.

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