Vegas Characters Exposed – Part 1

Vegas Characters ExposedSpiderman

One of Vegas Bright’s favorite guest writers, Scott Klapman, returns with photo-series regarding a subject we’ve all wondered… Who the hell is behind the masks of all the characters under the Fremont Street Experience canopy?

This is an interesting project as not everyone jumps at the prospect of a $5 tip. I wonder if there could have been some language disconnect in my request to remove their mask. Some asked to be photographed off the path, others didn’t want their identity revealed at all. Maybe they were being true to the character or maybe they were hiding from the law.

After a couple of characters, I felt like I was “collecting” them. Like, I hope I can find a Cookie Monster or a Minnie Mouse. I will definitely set aside more dedicated time on my next trip to further this project with more characters and improved shots.

[Photo Cred. Scott Klapman]

7 Comments on "Vegas Characters Exposed – Part 1"

  1. To me, these people are ruining the whole Fremont St Experience! Although I see a little bit of humor in a couple of these characters, most get down right rude when you just pass them by and try and ignore them! No way they are getting any of my money!

  2. jackie franklin | February 15, 2018 at 11:38 am |

    It’s like walking through Times Square on my lunch break.

  3. Thank you for sparing us the “other” characters on Fremont St. The gal with old leathery saddlebags and the 70 year old guy sporting the banana hammock. Some things deserve to be locked away in a vault until the next Saw movie.

  4. Or the street musicians trying to push their “free” demo CD and when they asked for a donation. When starting to hand them a dollar which was what I had in my pocket (no way was I going to open my wallet on the street) They were insulted and said that the CD cost $5 to make. Gave the CD back and walked away.

  5. These “characters” are the reason I don’t enjoy spending a lot time on Fremont. I need to take a hot shower when I get back to my hotel.

  6. Maybe I’m wrong but most of these beggars, because that is what they are, appear to have dubious personal hygiene habits.
    I’m told we must thank the ACLU for their presence.

  7. Scott thanks for Shining a light on another cool part of Vegas. I look forward to your next article.

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