About Vegas Bright

Vegas Bright is like Vegas Chatter 2.0

Vegas Bright is like Vegas Chatter 2.0

It was the very late night of Saturday, August 1st of 2015 when I sat at my computer thinking about how my favorite Vegas site, Vegas Chatter, cashed out for the last time the day before. My favorite site on the computer screen before me, now frozen in time and never to be updated again. No more unique perspectives, inside words and fresh reviews I had not only grown accustomed to but, checked each day (multiple times). Perhaps, like you, I knew there needed to be another Vegas Chatter, pronto!

Hi, I’m Michael Movestro, I’m the founder of Vegas Bright.

I first visited Las Vegas many years ago when a friend funded my first trip with bonus points. I loved Las Vegas ever since. Las Vegas is my “happy place.” I don’t live there, but I frequently visit with only a one hour flight from home (lucky me, I guess). My favorite thing to do in Vegas is to enjoy a nice cold gelato on a hot evening while watching the Bellagio fountains. I like gelato, and burgers a lot.

Enough about me, let’s talk about VegasBright.

Vegas Bright is like Vegas Chatter 2.0

VegasBright was started as a tribute to VegasChatter; heavily inspired by the VC tagline “so bright you can see it from space.” I reached out to former VegasChatter authors and contributors, and many of them came aboard. Vegas Bright serves as a home away from home for them, and for you readers as well. We’ve also welcomed new/aspiring Vegas lovers to try their writing hand here and continue to welcome more Vegas-lovers. We don’t look at this site with a separation of content writers and readers; we consider this a community. We involve our readers. We have had many Author For a Day challenges and will continue to have more. This site has come a long way since then; we’re continuously getting our sh*t together. I can guarantee you no porn slappers, though, and you can bet your $1 water on it.

So enjoy the writing and views of our writers and contributors, you can see everyone here. If you’re interested in writing here as well, please see our guidelines.

Since our inception, we brought you a metric shit-ton of news and reviews on entertainment, construction, fine dining, food-n-drink, gambling, hotels, nightlife, travel tips, and more. We also gave you lots of sh*t to catch up on. The best part is, we’re still going strong and we’re all volunteers.

With that said, it is my pleasure to welcome you here. If you have any questions or would like to contribute via tips, articles, etc., feel free to hit us up on the Contact Us page. Please enjoy your stay, there are no resort fees…and the parking is free :)

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  1. looking foward to the site as i miss vc alot

  2. Congratulations on this new site! I wish you the best! And I am glad to be a member!

  3. Nice site! So glad I found it. Like a lot of others, I was bummed when VC turned out the lights and left the building.

  4. Regular “viewer” for Vegas Chatter. Was sad to see it go – glad to see this site starting up. Have high hopes this can be a fun entertaining site.

  5. Great website! I am glad you can leave comments like Vegas Chatter but they are monitored so no more spam! :-)

  6. Jane O'Sullivan | October 23, 2015 at 5:40 am | Reply

    Love this site, will certainly help quell my bouts of Vegas Blues until the next trip is booked.

  7. I read Vegas chatter religiously and was beyond gutted when it shut down! I’m just doing some research on downtown Vegas for an upcoming trip and thought I’d check out the site. I knew it wouldn’t be up to date but hey, surely they wouldn’t just press destruct on all that info? That’s when I came across this site! Keep up the good work, I’ll be sure to pop by often to satisfy my Vegas cravings!

  8. Found you guys today by accident and I am so glad to see that you are here!! I miss VC so much, but it looks like you may be able to fill the void. Plus, now my workdays will go by much more quickly. ;<)

  9. Delighted that this is up and running, VegasChatter was brilliant and if this is even half as good then it’ll be one of my top sites to visit.

  10. Just read about this site on vital vegas cant believe iv missed it looking forward to the posts glad to see someone has filled the VC void

  11. so glad to find this site. First we lost cheapovegas. Then we lost Vegaschatter. I’ve been lost in my constant vegas daydreams.

  12. I am so HAPPY to find this website. It is great to see the writers from vegas chatter together again. I will check back every day for updates.

  13. Awesome. I love Las Vegas and seeing the VegasChatter site go down made me miss Vegas even more when I am not there. I will be frequenting this site more especially since it is quite similar to VegasChatter. Easy to navigate and read. :)

  14. Just found this site, keep up the good work, I used the visit Vegaschatter daily

  15. Kevin Mcshane | March 26, 2016 at 3:03 pm | Reply

    Keep up the great work, I will be bringing more visitors to your site. Great content, look forward to reading this site daily.

  16. Glad I found you. I miss VC.

  17. minnesotaphats89 | April 17, 2016 at 9:13 am | Reply

    I was a frequent lurker on VC.
    I’m very glad that I stumbled onto this site.
    Thanks for starting Vegas Bright and good luck.

  18. I’m really liking this site. So glad someone recommended it to me. Keep up the great work!

  19. saul jauregui | June 7, 2016 at 1:10 pm | Reply


  20. Cant believe it has taken me this long to find this website. I’ve been looking for a vegaschatter replacement on and off since they closed. Thank you so much.

  21. ii am happy to have found this because Disqus is not involved. we all have our reasons for liking things, no?

  22. Hello! I just want to say thanks for this wonderful site! I just found it a few days ago, and it fills the black hole I got after Vegaschatter was closed down! – Greetings from the other side of the world (Norway) – Keep up the good job, and bring us more Vegas news! <3 :)

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