Every Swipe a Winner with the Mother Lode Promotion at Binion’s!

Binion's Gambling HallBinion's Gambling Hall

Mother Lode definition – the place where the largest amount of gold, silver, etc., in a particular area can be found.

I know I have waxed rhapsodic about Binion’s before, but if you will indulge me (like you have a choice?) I would like to do so again. In the world of casino promotions, Binion’s Mother Lode has to be one of the best. I frequently find that if a casino’s promotions are too complicated or involved I will fling up my hands and not participate. With Binion’s all you have to do is play with your Player’s card in the machine. After you are done playing for the day you saunter over to the Mother Lode machine and swipe your card. You will discover whether you are entitled to one, two or three spins of the lucky wheel. You need to earn 5 points for the first spin, 40 for the second and 300 for the third.

Binion's Gambling Hall

Binion’s Gambling Hall

And yes, sometimes you land on the dreaded FREE DRINK or even worse, FREE DECK OF CARDS. Sometimes you get a mystery gift that you don’t want to bother hauling home on the airplane. (Although I did manage to drag this giant glass home with me.)

But just as often you will win something useful or even great. When I win free food I always use the vouchers at either the Cafe or the Deli. As a matter of fact, I believe I have eaten more often in Binion’s cafe than in any other restaurant in Vegas and the Mother Lode swipe is directly responsible for that. Also on the list of prizes you can win is FREEPLAY, which is always much appreciated. On my last trip, I won $5 Freeplay on my first spin, $25 dollars on my second spin and $50 on my third. You had better believe I am sticking around to eat and play at Binion’s with those kinds of incentives.
Apparently, it is possible to win up to $2500, the “Mother Lode”, on your third spin, but that has never happened to me. So far. The programs reset daily, so you can come back again, and again, and again. For more information go HERE.

While you are earning points with your play to do the Mother Lode swipe, you are also earning cashback and food comps! I was quite surprised when I finally clued into the cashback thing. Last fall the player’s club staff said: “You have $80 in cashback coming to you.” “I do?” I asked incredulously. “Why, it is just like Christmas!”
If you have read my other ramblings you know I am all for saving a dollar. (So that I can spend it somewhere else!)

Perhaps I should rename myself Thrifty Thelma? Stingy Stella? Penny-pinching Paula?

Regardless, I love a bargain, a deal, a good value. And that is what the Mother Lode promotion is.
You feel like Binion’s truly REWARDS your play at their property. You feel appreciated. That will keep me coming back year after year.

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8 Comments on "Every Swipe a Winner with the Mother Lode Promotion at Binion’s!"

  1. I agree….very easy comps. And the food vouchers are good for 48 hours so you can really save if you play there a couple days in a row. On my last trip I received food vouchers, a soft cuddly Blanket and $50 free play.

  2. I love Binion’s Cash and Comps. I try to cash out the cash after every trip. Plus if you have the coupon from the ACG, you get double points on up to 500 points and if you use it the last day of the trip, they will count your play for the trip when doubling. An extra 500 points equals over $12 in cash and $25 in comps.

  3. ROBERT MILLER | January 10, 2018 at 10:19 am |

    Last June I got my Player’s Card from Binions, and they e-mailed me that they had put $20 on the card for my next visit. It was only good for slots and I virtually never play slots, but I wasn’t going to waste the gift. When the floor manager informed me that the money could be used only “special” machines, I didn’t have high hopes. To my surprise I hit on the first spin to the tune of $273. Made me a Binion’s fan for life.

  4. thanks for reminding me.
    I walk past Binion’s several times a day when in Vegas and I never bother to take advantage of this promo.
    I am usually downtown for 5 or 6 nights. I could be rich by now. ;-)

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