Sh*t You May Have Missed… Like Peppermill being named one of The Best 24-Hour Restaurants

Peppermill RestaurantPeppermill Restaurant

Hey all, BigAZMarty here with this week’s news about our favorite place, Las Vegas!

Cinco de Mayo (First Saturday in May), mark the date as the “GGG and Canelo 2” fight is coming to T-Mobile Arena on May 5, 2018.  Read Forbes here and remember Madison Square Gardens (MSG) was in the running for the fight but Golden Boy Productions decided on T-Mobile Arena instead.  Hopefully this time they will not have that judge that scores the fight so far off the other two judges that it ends in a draw this time.  Note at the bottom that Forbes is predicting this may be a re-occurring event as it draws a lot of attention (read $$$), so possible #3 after this fight as well if it is close.

LVRJ has an opinion piece on what is basically saying is the “Are add-on fee’s killing the golden goose in Las Vegas?”, read here.  Think about this at one time Las Vegas was NOT the gambling mecca of Nevada, Reno was.  At some point in the 1950’s – 1970’s Reno just became “unlucky” to the players and fell out of favor.  Could this happen to Las Vegas?  We hope not.

Red Rock Resorts beat earnings expectations by $0.07/share for Q4 but revenues are hampered by construction on The Palms and Palace Station.  Read LVRJ here for the gist of it.  Here is the Red Rock Resorts report here.  So The Palms Phase III will be completed by 4th Quarter 2019…or should we say…wait for it….2020.  The cost of the redo is now up to $620M of which they’ve only spent $77M (just over 10%).  View the gallery in the LVRJ article for some new construction porn on the pool area and some of the outside tower work on the Suites like the old Playboy Suite.  As I look through the Y-O-Y for 4th Quarter especially Las Vegas Casino’s it’s looking better than say MGM as they are slightly higher, I’d say the construction effects were on Food and Beverage and Rooms (restaurants closed for remodeling, rooms closed up for remodel or destroyed as in Palace Station Garden Towers.  No word on if they are going to start up the Durango Station (read our article on Durango Station here from 2016) construction anytime soon.

Caught stealing tail?  You betcha as a Bellagio cook is caught stealing $1900 worth of lobster tail and will be charged with embezzlement, he was released from jail on $5000 bond.  Read LasVegasNow here.  I am curious as at an early age I worked in fast food restaurants and know you can’t re-use prepped food. If it was already prepped tail and they were just going to chuck it not sure how that is embezzlement. However, if he was taking it out of the non-prepped food storage into his backpack then he needs to expect to be convicted.

Going into Crystal, NV for the other item legal only in Nevada that isn’t anywhere else in America?  Well if it’s Dennis Hof’s Love Shack Cathouse you’ll be disappointed as it’s closed for unapproved building modifications (read the “doing the nasty” trailers) and resulting in Fire and Safety violation issues and the brothel license yanked.  Read News3LV here.  Hof’s blames it on corrupt Nye County politics as he’s running for a seat for Assembly District 36.  You’ll have to go visit Sherri’s or some other venue now.

Interesting new venue at The Rio, at first we’ve received some promo stuff from Caesars and wasn’t sure what it was.  But vegasnews here has the lineup and how you can easily get into the Las Vegas version of New York’s famed Comedy Cellar at The Rio.  I wonder if they used up some or all of the Wine Cellar space for this.  After the year The Rio has recently had (problems of biblical proportions…Flood, Electrical, and Disease), perhaps some laughter can clear that up.

Planet Hollywood’s famed Performing Arts Theater has now gone from A to Z as the former Axis Theater is being renamed due to a new Corporate Sponsor as Zappos Theater.  Read the PRNewswire Release here.  I didn’t know Zappos had Fungineer’s, thought that was a Disney thing…but they called it Imagineers.  Also since Britney is supposedly on her way next year (2019) to Park Theater I’m curious if Ketchup is still back near the parking garage entrance at the Miracle Mile Shops.

McCarran reports another Y-O-Y increase in passengers of 2.7% in 2018 vs. 2017. KTNV reports the numbers here.  Curious if Airbnb is having another record month?

MGM Resorts in a Keeping Up with the Jones’s moment (Jones’s = Caesars Entertainment) is upping Resort Fee’s starting on Thursday, Feb. 29.  Guess they didn’t read the piece up in #2, read their plans and new fees on LVRJ here.  Pretty soon Resort Fees and Parking Fees will be more than the daily room rate and is probably already true at NYNY, Luxor, and Excalibur.  Unfortunately further down in the article a lot of others that have raised rates this year as well.

The Palms AYCE Buffet is getting a new neighbor on March 8, Send Noodles is opening next door to AYCE Buffet and will be open for lunch and dinner read LVRJ here.  It will have a Noodle Bar as well as some interesting items read and view.

It’s Nascar Weekend in Las Vegas and LVRJ has a nice schedule of the races and event times here (sorry it has Thursday which has already passed by the time you read this but what the heck).  Not sure they’ll have a full field as they didn’t fill the standard 40 car field last weekend in Atlanta for the Monster Energy Cup series.

Hmmmm, sounds like AirBnB is taking a big chunk of the numbers for Strip Properties, read LVRJ here as Nevada hit’s $1B in gaming win but Strip reports down visitation numbers as well as being down in gaming win by 8.9% in January (remember that Oct – Dec they were only down 6.1% Y-O-Y) so the Strip has perhaps really hit that trifecta of Resort Fee / Parking Fee / Tight Gaming to make people start to use AirBnB for more affordable stays and then Uber/Lyft to the Strip for the tourist stuff and maybe some locals or downtown gaming where the return is better.

MarC of EDGe Vegas via frontdesktip here has the Tower Room remodel at El Cortez, check it out and why don’t more resorts do this with their showers?  That’s a lot of water options and instead of a single “spitter” low flow head looks like you have 3 different shower heads to work with (Rainfall, Normal, and Handheld).  The beds are unique but with that Mission style 4 poster design I’m guessing a lot of handcuffs will be found in the rooms with some nicks on the posts, right?

MarC of EDGe Vegas on TravelVegas has the US News and World Report list with the Las Vegas list that we reported on earlier but adds in some of why the one not on the Strip may be the best one to go to, read here.  Then go and enjoy Red Rock Resort and Casino.  The wife and I do go out there from time to time when we just feel Strip overload and want to see a movie and I can always get an Acai Berry Blast at the food court there at the Tropical Smoothie Café.  Oh, and the Movie Theater is very nice as well.

Coming into town later in the month of March for March Madness? MarC of EDGe Vegas has where you may still be able to get a room via Covers here.  Read further down and even MarC see’s that Airbnb is getting in on the action as a perfectly fine Resort alternative.

EATER Vegas has the map and the info on the best 24-hour restaurants in Las Vegas, read and enjoy here.  Yes, the Peppermill is on the list.

DTLV here has some of the new food and drink info for Eureka and Flock and Fowl now open in the Fremont East Arts District.

Get to know your friendly neighborhood Juggalo as DTLV went undercover and has a great write-up on the people of the ICP (Insane Clown Posse) or more commonly known as Juggalo’s here for Juggalo Weekend.  Oh and awesome article here from one of the female reporter attendees who had misconceptions about what being a Juggalo is, read here.

Wynn has some more accusers one going back to the 1970’s in Chicago accusing him of several rapes and a birth of a baby girl born in a gas station restroom.  Read LA Times article here for some of the police interviews that go waaaaay back to when he was in Chicago and again with another “consensual sex” woman who was fired when she said no more at Golden Nugget (accused of stealing $40 after she said no more and fired).

That’s it for the news around town this week… and now over to our Editor-in-Chief, LasVegasJunkie, for our stuff and more.

Gracias, BigAZMarty! It was a slow week for Vegas Bright…

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  1. I never liked the CEO of MGM. Just my take, I have been following his career for awhile now. Anyhow – resort fees keep going up – I guess people dont care as much because if I read right – vegas strip casinos is claiming 80% occupancy last year.

  2. @Just Stopping By – Occupancy was actually at around 90%. However, things got far softer in Q4 than can be explained by the shooting. AND, Q1 of 2018 is staying as soft.

    I actually wrote the op-ed that inspired the article linked on this post. You may wish to give it a read as well:

    COMMENTARY: Some warning signs in Las Vegas tourism numbers

    The most recent resort fee increases are simply to try to balance the books in light of falling visitor numbers. According to their Q4 reports, MGM tightened their slots, which now only pay out (on average) 91.1%. Far cry from the “loose slots” and “99% payout on slots” signs that littered The Strip not that many years ago.

    Agreed that Murren’s “new” Las Vegas isn’t a good thing.

    • Oh – thanks for the link. 90% – I knew it was higher then 80% – I guess I remembered and read wrong.

      I just never liked Murren. He bugs me – he comes from an art background I believe. They just keep adding a dollar here or there to make up for their stupidity. There are many issues I have with MGM directions. Murren putting colored rocks in the desert to draw attendance – huh? That is just stupid – how about you give me a bottle of vodka with my comp room instead. I dropped a lot of money at the tables. Everything is computerized now and the human impact is gone. I miss the old Las Vegas when you make deals with pit bosses and player host.

      Interesting article by the way. I have been getting tons of comp offers for the MGM properties so far this year – more then normal. Could be a sign they are desperate for rooms.

      I can see your point on the convention attendance. The rates are horrible during convention weeks – hotels may need to cut better deals with some of these companies. Ive also noticed that many of the indian res in cali are expanding and are usually pretty busy when I visit. With less people not gambling maybe many of the southern californians rather make a quick weekend trip to and indian res. I really think MGM should start catering the mid level players again. They should make a deal with a car rental company like hertz. I know alot of people that rent cars to drive to vegas. I will be there every quarter if they pay for an economy size car for the weekend for me. I dont know, just thinking out loud. Thanks for the reply.

  3. Not going to lie – I’m going to be staying fully off-strip next vacation. Either that or anywhere that doesn’t charge a resort fee. As much as I love the Mirage, it’s already $100 a night then another $35 for resort fees. It’s unreasonable to charge that much on top of the room cost.

    • I feel ya – they should really reduce prices when you check out. For example – if you never checked in at the gym then they should cut 10 dollars off each day or if you never connected to the wifi. The resort fee is applied when you checked in no matter what but can be reduced when you check out. And no it would not be difficult to track. And who the hell still uses the local phone to make calls.

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