Sh*t You May Have Missed… Like the End of $1 Michelob at Casino Royale

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Hey all, BigAZMarty here with this week’s news about our favorite place, Las Vegas! Bear with me as some of this has been covered in the Las Vegas Junkie Podcast as well but hey here we go! [Editors note: You do your thing BigAZMarty! Nobody covers the news like you and SYMHM!].

1) So now there has been a gun death on Fremont Street outside of Four Queens, a man in his 20’s was shot and killed (single shot) after an argument broke out near Four Queens at 2:20 am on 11/29 between about a half dozen people, read LVSun article here.  Up until now there has been some gun crime in the area, but on Fremont Street itself under the canopy?  Isolated or not if that was during the busier time frames on Fremont Street there would have been possibly a lot more injured.  A lot more info on LVRJ here.

2) Not to be outdone by Las Vegas, a possible ASSHAT clone occurred up in Reno, as a man kidnapped a woman and then started shooting at the main drag in Downtown Reno from a high rise condo.  However it’s freaking chilly up there and no one was on the street and SWAT rescued the girl and got the perp.  Possible mental issues reported, read LVRJ here.  Ironic that the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooter used to own a condo up there in that exact building.

3) Now onto more fun stuff, Harrah’s had a Wheel of Fortune hit on a $1.25 bet for $939,255 on Nov, 17… IGT reports it late as the winner remains anonymous.  Congratulations mystery winner!  Read LVRJ here.  Hope you tipped well.  The jackpot resets back to $200K and will build up.  Wonder how long that took to get to almost a million?

4) You do NOT want to be arrested for cheating at craps, a Georgian (country not state) was arrested at the Flamingo for dice cheating, read LVRJ here.  Dice sliding it’s called seems to be making a comeback and after this arrest I’d say anyone doing this will be caught and put in jail with monetary penalties.

5) Caesars is doing something interesting, after remarking last week that they were using their $2B in cash to purchase those Indiana Racinos, suddenly this week they announce they are selling the land under Harrah’s Las Vegas to VICI Properties for $1.14B to help purchase those same racinos but also acquiring the land out back of Harrah’s/LINQ to build out the new convention center (may be sold back to VICI after completion).  Remember VICI Properties is NOT owned by Caesars Entertainment, it’s the REIT that is owned by the creditors that was created as part of the CEOC emergence from bankruptcy.  Read LVRJ about it here.  Read Market Watch here for how VICI is funding the buy of Harrah’s Las Vegas land.

6) Aristocrat Gaming is buying up social casino Big Fish out of Seattle for $990M, read LVRJ here.  This will increase the US presence of Aristocrat which is an Australian company.

7) Scientific Games is trying to buy up majority ownership of NYX which they are trying to acquire and need the stock votes, read LVRJ here.  NYX owns the software that the William Hill sports books use.

8) KTNV has the story and updates on the robbery at the poker room cage at Bellagio on Nov 28, read here.  Very nicely handled by the staff so as to not set the gunman off in front of actor James Woods.  Video of the gunman and very complete car description and plate are given out.  Wow this week is becoming a freaking police event…. who knew?

9) For a limited time get over to the Ellis Island not for great gaming or their home-brewed beer or their fantastically affordable BBQ but for their Egg Nog! Read LVRJ here on their annual Ellis Island Holiday Nog batches here.  It’s not for the kiddos and they admit it’s on the strong side, $29.95 for a bottle or $6 a glass if you are playing there.

10) As revealed by Vital Vegas (latest podcast) Hakkasan-sbe merger is kaput as LVRJ has reported it so here.

11) Robin Leach is in the hospital after a mini-stroke while at Cabo San Lucas over the holidays; he’s had some complications and will be taking a medical leave while he recovers.  Read LVRJ here and wish him champagne wishes and caviar dreams as well as a healthy recovery.

12) In Robin’s absence, Kats did a fine job covering the Miss Universe event and has nice shots of the crowning of Miss South Africa as the new Miss Universe 2017, read and see here.  The event was held once again at the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas.

13) Vital Vegas has the 10 reasons the North Las Vegas strip is about to explode with new activity, read here.  #3 confounds me as the former Fontainebleau will NOT have a casino?  Holy nutzballs… a Marriott?  What’s going to happen to the Marriott Grand Chateau near Planet Hollywood?

14) Going to Casino Royale for the $1 Michelob?  Better take double the dough as the bottles are now $2 after 15 years at $1.  Does anyone even drink Michelob anymore?  I remember mid-1980’s it was a loss leader on pitcher nights because it’s fairly caramelized and is smooth but after Corona’s hit the market Michelob soon disappeared from bar taps.  Read Vital Vegas here for details.

15) More Palms news as the two Clique Hospitality venue plans (2 not one) have been announced, the former Social space off the casino floor will become Camden Cocktail Lounge, and the former Ghostbar will become the Opal Room, read Eater Vegas here for details.

16) Have a hankering for Steak ‘N Shake but don’t want to go all the way down to South Point, well soon you can head over to Hooters Casino on Tropicana (next door to the Tropicana itself) as Mad Onion Fine Food and Spirits is closing and Steak ‘N Shake will be opening soon in the same space per Eater Vegas here.  Their cheddar burger is a must have but be forewarned, it’s a mess to eat if it’s cooked right… gobs of melted cheddar ooze off the thin hamburger patties.  No mention if this is a full restaurant with the TakHomaSak takeout options (killer for late night munchies in the room) or the short menu they’ve been experimenting with near ASU’s campus in Tempe, AZ.  Another location in Henderson will be opening as well but if you’re on the strip you probably will not visit that one.

17) Want to vote on the prettiest restaurant in Las Vegas? Go here on Eater Vegas and vote for your favorite out of 5 finalists.

18) More holiday stuff to do while in Las Vegas, read Vegas Seven article for holiday fun items to go see and do here.

19) LVSun via Las Vegas Weekly has the Big This Week shows here for the upcoming weekend.  We’re getting into the slow part of the year for shows; the rodeo will be the next big event in town until around New Years.

20) Finally why Las Vegas is a fantastic city to live in and what it needs to become a world-class city via Vegas Seven here.

That’s it for the news around town this week… and now over to our Editor-in-Chief, LasVegasJunkie, for our stuff and more.

Gracias, BigAZMarty! Busy week this week…

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That’s all Folks!

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  1. Thanks Marty, as always, for the latest and greatest. My husband and I were at Ellis Island over Thanksgiving and I can confirm the eggnog is excellent, and packs a punch too. Plus, we received them comped while we were playing at the machines!

    • Thank you Colleen, glad to hear you enjoyed that comped Holiday Nog!!! Ellis Island is coming up with new and improved ways to attract and keep customers the old fashioned way, great food and drink and friendly and consistently good customer service (face to face, not some auto-ma-ton or statistical calculation extrapolated over a customer database). If they keep pulling in more customers, they may need to purchase the Platinum Hotel next door and expand the casino floor over to their current hotel site).

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