The Best Nightclubs of Las Vegas and the Music in Them

Welcome to Las VegasWelcome to Las Vegas

Guest writer Thomas Nemel returns with a list of the hottest nightclubs in Sin City. 

Las Vegas or Sin City as it is often referred to is being dominated by casinos and nightclubs. Actually, the two concepts go hand in hand with any big casino also includes a fancy nightclub where winners can party until dawn and the losers can drown their misery. Since we’re talking about Las Vegas here, it is obvious that you will only find the best DJ’s and listen to the most-modern and most-wanted music ever created. So, if you’re curious where to go first when you reach Las Vegas, keep on reading.


Omnia is simply huge so if you want to find out what kind of music you will be listening to, make sure you know at all times which part of the club you are in. The big room is especially focused on electronic with awesome residents of Kaskade or Calvin Harris. Other celebrities that appear on the roster include Zedd or Afrojack. It also offers a long patio where you can get some fresh air and a great view over the Strip. Oh, also, make sure not to miss that massive chandelier that hovers above everybody.


Well, it might be clear just by looking at how the place presents itself that the most-preferred genres here are EDM with huge names at the buttons, like Major Lazer, Diplo or Skrillex. The overall atmosphere is indulgent and the whole place just looks like one big VIP area.

Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas


Yet another sensational club that feeds on the energy and excitement of the Sin City. Names like Drake, Zedd, Steve Aoki or The Chainsmokers are regulars here. The main courses when it comes to music is EDM. From an acoustic and visual point of view, Jewel is simply stunning, and you’ll never want to go home from here.




Another club that is mainly focused on EDM but made a switch to a bit more electronic sine huge DJ’s like Tiesto or Steve Aoki are regulars in the house. The Hakkasan is more than a club, spread across multiple levels and with unlimited parting options, you just might party here for days in a row.

The Cosmo

The Cosmo


Like it or not, the EDM music seems to run this city so if you want to listen to music while in Vegas, you should get your sunglasses out and join one huge party. There are a lot of different ‘rooms’, each and one of them being large enough to become a club itself. But with so many millionaires around and people ready to get rich fast, who can blame them for trying to speculate that?

Las Vegas!

Las Vegas!


The usually hos famous DJ’s here as well but mix that with the cool beats of hip-hop or even so top 40 hits and you got yourself a great club. It’s a good place for a lot of celebrity sitting and you will not be able to leave it before checking out the back garden.

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3 Comments on "The Best Nightclubs of Las Vegas and the Music in Them"

  1. My type of topic. Drais @ the Cromwell (once Bills Gambling Hall) is the BEST BEST BEST BEST and has totally taken over the club scene. They play hip hop and r & b. No EDM aka oontz music. Their after hrs is amazing. Closes sometimes at 8 am! When the nightclub lets out head to the after hrs. Drinks are GOOD too. Don’t get a souvenir cup at the day party its 40 -60 bucks (can’t remember) but that’s insane when you can get one @ Fat Tuesday’s for 12 -20. The rooftop for the nightclub is so dope. It’s my fav place to go every year. Light @ Mandalay is the next fav. Guest DJ’s are on point just like at Drai’s. They have Lil Wayne, Metro Boomin’ DJ Mustard, Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Future etc. Jewel is SMALL. Not set up right AT ALL! Looks like they had extra space so they said let’s make it a night club. The stairs leading inside is pretty that’s about it. They could use new doormen too. Upstairs is so tight and not everyone can see over the balcony. EDM does not run the city too much anymore as you stated. Top 40 is def taking over. XS I love because of the pool scene. It’s great for your social media pics and they have a Night Swim party but this is def the oontz scene to the highest power. IOak is nice if you’re in Mirage. It’s ok cause it plays top 40 and hip hop. Omnia is massive and has a hip hop room. Can you see where I’m going with the hip hop :-) The main room is large for the EDM and Techno and the rooftop is tight but again nice to take flicks and get some air. Lines are L O N G . Waited over an hr to get in and left 20 min later. Marquee is bottom of my list cause of the circular set up but the dome outdoor day party is good if you go during non-summer months. You get more mash ups here so maybe a hip hop song with a oontz remix. Decent… its open on a Monday when other clubs are not. See you in August again Vegas!!

  2. Juan valdez | December 4, 2017 at 8:27 pm |

    Friends don’t let friends go to Drais. It’s a total performance club now. The others u could have done a better job in describing the different theme rooms. Hakkasan, Omnia, Marque all have different dance floors with different music and some with just bars to chill at without loud music or play pool.

  3. Great list!
    I went to Hakkasan once and the club itself and sound was very impressive.

    We went early and were able to secure a good spot on the dance floor. Well by the time Tiesto came on, the place was so packed that you couldn’t even breathe – which normally I am OK with. The problem I had was you literally couldn’t move out of your spot, go to the washroom, get a drink, or anything, or you would never get back together with your group.

    I also found that, unless you had bottle service, there was no where just to chill and relax for a bit. You were always being herded around like cattle by the bouncers. I get why they cater to bottle service of course, because of the big $$ it brings in. But it definitely makes a regular Joe feel out of place that’s for sure.

    I have heard that Omnia is a bit better with their big outdoor space, so I might have to try that out next.

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