Crafted Buffet at Stratosphere Exceeds Expectations

Crafted Buffet at StratosphereCrafted Buffet at Stratosphere

Vegas Bright buffet savant Iun Hockley returns with another thriller, this time a review of Crafted Buffet at Stratosphere hotel & casino. 

The Stratosphere presented an uncomfortable dichotomy for Mrs. Hockley and I: On the one hand, we knew we were paying for very little and therefore expected very little. We didn’t expect the high-level of service, nor the consistently brilliant drinks or the general friendliness of every member of staff (bar one) that we met there. Then again, we expected our bathroom to be cleaned, we expected not to be woken at 8 am by the sound of drilling directly above our heads, nor did we expect to pay for Tower entrance as guests.



And we certainly did not expect the buffet to be as good as it was.

When it comes to breakfast, I like to believe I’m fairly easy to satisfy: bacon; sausage; bread; some kind of wrap; juice and enough coffee to fill the T-Mobile Arena. Nothing fancy. It should be well done, but I cannot say I want gourmet small plates or molecular gastronomy.

Crafted Buffet at the Stratosphere hits all the right notes, at the right price: calling itself part of “The Strip” may require a suspension of disbelief, yet the buffet easily matches the buffets at other low-end resorts on Las Vegas Boulevard. Importantly, it comes close to Downtown pricing running at reasonably comfortable $16.99 per adult for breakfast. Champagne Brunch on the weekend and dinners on weeknights will cost $22-$24 per adult. Again, we are not breaking the bank here.

The food selection was nicely varied: your Mexican dishes are all accounted for –burritos, nachos, fajitas; meat is copious in the form of bacon, beef, sausage, and chicken; salad items such as… green things? If you’re going to a buffet for salad, you’re beyond help; dessert for the interminably hungry. Alcoholic drinks are priced cheaply at a few dollars a glass and tea, juice and coffee are all available from the friendly servers.

Now, this is going to sound like something of a backhanded compliment, but bear with me: absolutely everything about the food, servers and the space was competent. Not spectacular, not game-changing. But it was all done properly – there was not a single reason for reproach or disappointment in any of the four meals we ate there, and that is really saying something given the service we have had elsewhere in the city and indeed at restaurants around the world.

There is absolutely no reason to travel here if you’re not in the vicinity, but if you are staying anywhere nearby, I heartily recommend giving Crafted Buffet a breakfast…er, moment of your time.

[Photo Cred. Crafted Buffet & LasVegasJunkie]


8 Comments on "Crafted Buffet at Stratosphere Exceeds Expectations"

  1. ChrisinNashville | November 30, 2017 at 7:11 am |

    “If you’re going to a buffet for salad, you’re beyond help” – how do I give you the biggest online Hi-Five ever!?!?! I could not agree with this statement more. I don’t even understand why there is salad on a Vegas buffet.
    I was really surprised by the Main Street Station buffet a few years ago. If I am ever at the Strat for crapless craps (just kidding) I will give this a try. Viva!

  2. With exception of the Golden Nugget (14.99) the downtown breakfast buffets are still way cheaper. Main Street’s coming in at 7.99 and Fremont’s at 8.49. Thanks for the review of this place though..I never even realized it existed!

    • The Stratosphere is a bit of bizarre property to be honest – it has potential due to the tower and pricing. But the location is terrible and the rooms are in a bad way, generally speaking. With any luck, the new owners will spruce it up and get the marketing right.

  3. Greg Garrett | November 30, 2017 at 5:21 pm |

    I am staying at the stratosphere in march. I have stayed there before with no bad issues. I will eat at this buffet and I to want to give you a High five for the salad comment You don’t go to las vegas to eat healthy.

  4. I can fill up on a good salad bar. but at a buffet, I usually avoid the salad all together so that I WILL have room for the other offerings.
    on a side note, when you are downtown, if you eat at the Café inside of Fremont, they will let you purchase “salad only” from the buffet.
    the Cal also has a salad bar option.

    • Avoid the salad, the carbs and too much liquid. Unless it’s free booze. Fill up on free booze and meat. As well as… stuff. Stuff that tastes good.

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