Things to Do in Las Vegas This Fall

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Guest writer Thomas Nemel gives his thoughts and recommendations for visiting Vegas in the fall.  

Is Las Vegas your paradise get-away?

Autumn is usually a cold season in most of the countries. Even though the scenery is enriched this time of year by a handful of vivid colors and picturesque trees, it becomes difficult to enjoy all this at such low temperatures. However, not all is bad news. Las Vegas has reserved a one of a kind autumn for you, from the higher than average temperatures to all the exciting activities that you can find by reading the following suggestions.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas – find out about the most popular attractions.

Welcome to Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas

  • V Theater throws out the most spectacular zombie burlesque shows, all happening live and introducing to you the amazing performances of some very talented artists. However, be ready to be taken aback by a different kind of zombies since these ones are surprisingly sexy. Everything is topped by a live musical, which provides great entertainment for the audience across the world. Not only will you have an amazing night and enjoy a live performance, but you can also use the actors’ costumes as a source of inspiration for your Halloween costume.
  • The Hoover Dam is one of Vegas’ outdoors gems and an attraction which has gathered people from all over the world due to its breathtaking scenery and the possibility to try out one’s photographic skills. This spectacular creation of both man and nature has also made it to the books, as it constitutes an infinite inspiration for international artists.
  • High Roller Observation is a ride to the top which you need to experience at least once in a lifetime. During 30 minutes of this ride, your sense of adventure and experiencing new sensations will definitely make Las Vegas one trip to remember.
  • Big Buses Las Vegas are just what you need to make sure you are capturing the pulse of the city and see the main sights. Hop on and off wherever you please and allow yourself to be charmed by the city life.
Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Other activities to enjoy in Las Vegas

  • The epic Grand Canyon is worth visiting to make sure you get the full package
  • First Friday Arts Celebration
  • Life is Beautiful festival if you want to go for a mix of famous chefs, live music, performers, and much more
  • Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival
  • Motley Brews’ Downtown Brew Festival

What should you choose for your trip to Las Vegas?

Whatever your picks, you can be sure you will have a memorable experience in Las Vegas. Even though Las Vegas might not strike you as the first destination to go to during holidays in autumn, there are a lot of exciting activities waiting for you there.

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