The Australian Bee Gees are “Stayin’ Alive” at the Excalibur

The Australian Bee Gees ShowThe Australian Bee Gees Show

Vegas Bright show connoisseur Blonde4ever gets her boogie on at The Australian Bee Gees Show 

I saw three shows on my recent Vegas trip; one I hated and two I adored. One of the adored shows was the Australian Bee Gees at Excalibur.  I saw them for free as a reward from the MyVegas game on Facebook.  They are one of the rewards that are always very easy to obtain. I thought to myself “How good can this show be if this reward is so easy to get?”  I was afraid that this show might be disappointing due to that fact.  Boy, was I wrong!

I knew going in that I would at least enjoy the music because I came to maturity in the disco era. When I went “clubbing” it was at a place where the floor lit up and you were dancing to the Bee Gees. If you didn’t know the “Saturday Night Fever” album by heart you were lame. It seemed like the whole world moved to the music of the Brothers Gibb.

I approached the Excalibur showroom with some trepidation because I had heard stories of how uncomfortable the seating was. Brace yourself, you will be cramped and in pain.  This was literally the worst seating I have ever been in, but I lucked out and got a seat right at the front of the table so that helped somewhat. (Table 17 seat 2….a good place)  I looked around and studied the audience filing in. We were all “of a certain age” you might say.

Then the group hit the stage.  I expected lip syncing but that is not what was happening. They were actually singing and they sounded great! Not only did they sound like the Bee Gees, but they bore a striking resemblance to them as well.

True confessions time, I became mildly infatuated with Michael Clift, the man portraying Barry Gibb.  Was anyone else on the stage?  I am not sure because basically, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

The Australian Bee Gees Show

The Australian Bee Gees Show

As it happens with advancing age, time steals our memories. I had forgotten the incredible body of work the Bee Gees had until I heard it again that night.  You will recognize every single song;  “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart”, “Stayin’ Alive”, “Night Fever”, “You Should Be Dancing” (some of these people really shouldn’t have been dancing ;)) and many, many more.  And oh the ballads…my eyes filled with tears on multiple occasions as I listened to songs like “Words” and “To Love Somebody”.  I certainly did not expect to find this show so exciting and moving at the same time.

The performers are Wayne Hosking as Maurice on vocals and keyboard; Michael Clift as Barry on vocals and guitar; and David Scott as Robin.  They are the founding members of the group and have been performing together since 1996.  They have been at Excalibur since 2011 and it is easy to see why the Ex holds onto them.  They had the audience singing along with every song. I found myself wondering if my children would enjoy this show and I feel certain they would because the Bee Gees music has been so popular for so long.

It appeared that everyone in the audience enjoyed their walk down memory lane as much as I did.  I enjoyed it so much I forgot how horrendously uncomfortable that showroom was. I did not want it to end and it is now on my “I need to see this again!” list if only to sit and drool in front of “Barry”.  I highly recommend that you get to this show any way you can in the near future.

Tickets can be purchased at the Excalibur office, online at or by phone at (702) 597-7600. 

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  1. ChrisinNashville | November 28, 2017 at 7:06 am |

    Good stuff as always. Every time I see an ad for this show (usually on the tram between Excal and MB), I wonder “Who goes to see these shows?” I guess plenty of people do and have a great time. Another thing I love about Vegas, there is truly something for everyone (except 2 year olds). VIVA!

  2. Saw the show enjoyed myself also. Tabled in the back have alot more room

  3. I felt that way about Human Nature – great show! Of course, now I’m curious, what was the show you hated?

  4. Les Thurston | November 28, 2017 at 9:05 pm |

    Blondie, I saw this show in 2016 and really really enjoyed it. It was amazing to see a show so “up close and personal”.

  5. Saw this Bee Gees show several years ago — great show. Now is news that Universal is going to produce a Bee Gees Broadway musical. Something to look forward to.

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