The Tenors of Rock will Blow You Away!

Tenors of Rock

Blonde4ever reviews The Tenors of Rock, a high-energy production that will blow you away and leave you entertained!

I went into the Tenors of Rock with no expectations. The only reason I was there was that it was a free show with my CET Diamond membership. But I must say I was impressed and downright startled by how fantastic these fellas were. Their singing was exceptional and the chatter between them hilarious.

Tenors of Rock

Tenors of Rock

Normally when you go to a music show in Vegas you are there to hear one kind of music, not so with the Tenors of Rock.  One minute they are singing “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses and the next it is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s  “The Music of the Night”. Sometimes they sing a cappella and sometimes with full musical accompaniment. You are never bored in this show. The band of five handsome men from the UK keeps you wondering what will happen next. I especially loved the part where there was a brief blackout and then the singing commenced with no one on the stage. You looked around and saw that they had spread themselves throughout the audience; in the aisles, in the back and one was even on a table. Eventually, they made their way back to the stage.

The group consists of Garreth Richards, Dai Richards, Jimmy Denning, Jonathan Williams and Tommy Sherlock. You can read their individual bio’s here.

This high energy production show has played New York, Miami, Shanghai, London, Moscow, Toronto, and Berlin in addition to their regular gig at Harrah’s Las Vegas. All of the band members come from theatrical backgrounds.

What is different about watching this group is that there isn’t just one star. You get the sense that they are all the stars of the show, each having their own moment. You also get the impression that they really love what they are doing, and that always increases my enjoyment of a show. I feel like these men could perform literally anything and make it sound great. Here’s hoping their residency lasts for a long time.

As I often say, if a show is something I would return to multiple times you know I loved it. That is definitely true for Tenors of Rock at Harrah’s Las Vegas. I will be back!

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  1. Have not fully booked our next trip yet, but we have dates picked out and one hotel already booked. But, we are looking very much forward to seeing this show. Have already seen Rock of Ages and Raiding the Rock Vault and loved both!

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