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Cosmopolitan of Las VegasNo Juice at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Hey all, BigAZMarty here with this week’s news about our favorite place, Las Vegas!

Missed this last week because I thought it would be later in Nov. but Red Rock Resort did their 3rd Quarter earnings last week on Nov. 7th and posted an Adjusted EBITDA on Class A stock of $0.16 per share read here.  This is way down from previous years quarter of $0.20 per share and Y-O-Y is looking awful with $0.07 for 9 months ended this year and $0.55 for last years for comparison.  However, construction on both The Palms and Palace Station has a lot to do with that as well as the purchase of Mama’s trust land late last year.

Related to the earnings statement MarC of EDGE Vegas via TravelZork has a fantastic write up on what all the RRR plans are for The Palms in its entirety here.

Well, that’s one less place that O.J. can visit, drink and lurk on women in Las Vegas. The Cosmo kicked out and put a not welcome sign on for O.J. Simpson after he got irritated with the staff at the Clique Bar and broke a glass, read here.  Darn, that drink monitoring system!  Conjecture on my part but if I was O.J. I would NOT pick Las Vegas to live with his parole violations possible at any given moment there.  Remember LA never sent O.J. to jail, Las Vegas did.  Is Las Vegas going to end up with a 2 for 2, only time will tell.  Supposedly his lawyer has stated he passed the drug test administered after the event.

Boy the hits keep coming with The Rio, while they have gotten a currently clean bill of health from the water testing in both towers and have performed a 3rd disinfection and added equipment as there are now 7 cases of Legionnaire’s and a possible 29 more suspected (people who went home and were diagnosed in hometown) on top of that 56 cases of Pontiac fever read LVRJ here.  Perhaps Caesars should have sold it when they had the chance, now they may have the base for fighting a class action suit.

More ASSHAT fallout, several hundred of the 7,400 employees at Mandalay Bay are having schedules redone and perhaps to no shifts per week until occupancy gets back to pre-ASSHAT occupancy levels.  Culinary Union is also looking at numbers to make sure MGM follows the proper sequence of putting people back on full time as it improves based on seniority, read LVSun here.  If I was looking for a Las Vegas deal, I’d think Mandalay Bay and The Delano would be top of the list right now for MGM’s marketing department.  To date since ASSHAT at MLife Gold we’ve received ONE MB/Delano offer and it’s limited of course and not much better than the regular one (one extra night of COMP) I think I read somewhere that occupancy numbers for MB post ASSHAT were down to under 90% and at that point I’d take a bigger room chunk for COMP rooms and hard push for MLife registered customers, for outside / local customers there is a boat load to do.. but I’d change all blackjack to 3:2 and VP to proper pay tables to gain those butts in seats at the casino also.  Perhaps bring in So Cal models to populate the VP Bars to entice more players as well… like Hakkasan does for their nightclubs.

LV Convention Center has picked an Architect for the Strip-side to Paradise build out and it’s not as crazy as some of those earlier previews.  Check it out for yourselves at LVSun here… and LVCVA announcement here.  It looks like it’s going to sort of face Wynn’s Paradise Park.

Speaking of Wynn, Harry Connick Jr. will be there this coming weekend and again in early Dec. read LVSun here for details and some Q&A fun.  He can do a really good Frank Sinatra imitation and usually can sing those classic Las Vegas songs from the Rat Pack as well… if you are going here is a YouTube search link for his Frank songs here.

LVSun has the Raiders Stadium groundbreaking gallery here, and LVRJ article via Katz here but the great thing is that the Raiders now have on their website two construction WebCam views, one from Mandalay Bay and the other pointing north to the site from a southwest location here.  If you switch the webcam off Live and get into the View tab you can see the 58 Klieg Lights dedication for the Route51 memorial during the Breaking Ground ceremony.  It’s available at timestamp Nov. 13th starting at 5:10 PM to 11:45 PM but the football field is also lit at 6:55 PM as well.

Want to do something offbeat in Las Vegas, LVWeekly has some “odd” things for you to try out here, although the first one isn’t happening anymore (before Caesars took Rio over this was a packed show, people would all stop and head down to watch the floats in the sky with dancing… heck even the 2nd floor shopping area had people stuffed into it.

In the aftermath of ASSHAT event, Boyd Gaming is implementing a room check if Do Not Disturb is on the door for 48 hours, read LVRJ here.  I liked in 2016 that Bally’s housekeeping called your room if you had DND on the door afternoon.  Don’t try to sleep off a hangover at Bally’s… just saying.

Best of Las Vegas 2017 winners are out here.  Have fun looking through the categories and if some seem odd to you well…

Scott at Vital Vegas has some fun especially on the obscene amount of awards the Stratosphere won… well it’s a pure parody read here.

Demolition porn via Scott at Vital Vegas, as only one tower remains at the old Las Vegas Club, watch here.  As of Wed. morning the old Stadium facade is down as well… just the overbuilt steel tower (similar to how Barbary Coast was built… big footings to allow more floors to be added later) remains.

MarC of EDGE Vegas via Travelvegas has the Mirage Aces of Comedy lineup for 2018, read here.  These are good shows we saw Jay Leno on a previous visit and they are well produced and enjoyable.  Be aware their comedy persona is usually different than their TV personas are so don’t be surprised if your favorite TV star is suddenly speaking like a sailor.

Cafe Hollywood at Planet Hollywood Resort has finally opened its doors (I was hoping to break it in on its first prelim opening date of Oct. 1 but the ceiling wasn’t even done yet).  So EATER Vegas has the details and I will have to try it out, looks good so far read and check out the foodie shots here.  This is in the former Planet Dailies space that was ruined by their little flood earlier this year.

In one of their famous map articles, EATER Vegas has the 90 places for Thanksgiving dinner across the Las Vegas Valley, here.  Interesting that #10 BLT Steak and #14 Burger Brassiere are maybe 250 feet apart from each other in Bally’s for BLT Steak and the shopping walkway over to Paris for Burger Brassiere.

Wanting to pick up your Turkey Day meal and eat in your LV Suite? EATER Vegas has that as well for takeout Thanksgiving meals listed here.  If at Flamingo, LINQ or Harrah’s the Virgil’s would be a good bet, there is nothing like a brined and smoked turkey dinner.  I’ve done it personally and it’s about 24 – 36 hours of work (two people for the brine prep and then removing from the brine) if done correctly so that’s why it’s a little more cash out of pocket.

Video Games as slot machines? It’s starting to happen and read from a Millennial’s point of view here via  I can’t wait until the eyesight starts to fail, the reaction time slows and the house cleans up all the “easy winning” of youth… then guess what… they stop playing.

Caesars Entertainment has announced not one but two planned casino resorts in Japan at $5-10B build-out costs each, read The Street here.  So if approved Caesars will build in Osaka and Tomakomai and if the results are as expected could be bigger than the Chinese Macau market.

That’s it for the news around town this week… and now over to our Editor-in-Chief, LasVegasJunkie, for our stuff and more.

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