Reviewing Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station

Garden Court Buffet - MSSGarden Court Buffet - MSS

Vegas Bright favorite guest writer Iun Hockley returns with a vengeance and reviews Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station. 

Aside from the gambling, debauchery, drinking, party atmosphere and big pretty lights, there’s one thing Vegas is famous for: buffets. After many nights of drunken gambling, partying, debauching and staring at pretty lights horizontally from the sidewalk, I can promise that one thing your body needs the next day is a big, uncomplicated buffet breakfast.

Fortunately, the vast array of choices in the city has you nicely covered. But to my mind, one that really sticks out is the Garden Court Buffet at Main Street Station in downtown. It’s not just the price, the quality, the service and the range of options available, it’s… well yeah, it’s all those things combined together in one delicious package that costs between $9 – $15 dollars depending on the time of day and whether or not they are setting out a special menu.

The variety of options on offer easily matches most buffets on the strip, with pizzas, burritos, country-fried steaks, a carvery station, a salad section, Chinese- style cuisine and cold cuts. There’s more, much more, but on a hungover morning, I tend to home in on the carbs, proteins, and anything covered in cheese. You will have to go there yourselves to discover the pleasing variety of high-quality dishes. Drinks service is reasonably prompt even on busy days, and the waitstaff is courteous and helpful with all requests.

Of particular note for those counting their calories – by choice or circumstance- is a selection of sugar-free desserts. Virtually every regular dessert available at the dessert station has a sugar-free counterpart, which is a brilliant touch.

But wait, there’s more: Weekend brunch is only a handful of dollars more expensive and comes with champagne and expanded selection of meats. All you can drink champagne and more meat? Shut up. Take my money. Take it. Now.

For anyone staying in the Downtown area, this place is absolutely worth it as a big breakfast option, and the fact that it’ nestled in Main Street Station, one of the most characterful and best bang-for-your-buck casinos in the city can only recommend it further.

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  1. Didn’t Blonde4Ever review this same buffet earlier this year?

  2. They do have a great buffet at Main street! Also the Fremont has a great breakfast buffet also, & a little cheaper!
    Thanks for the great review!

  3. Great review. Would love to see more of these here at VB.

    • Stay tuned for a possible Stratosphere Buffet review! Maybe! Sort of! If I can find time! Probably not then!

  4. it’s not too bad for the price with players card or other discount, but certainly nothing special. there are times that I have passed on this buffet even for free. there are times that I have said WTH, it’s ok for lunch.
    that’s my review in a nutshell.
    when I read reviews of a food joint, I like to look at a few dozen or so reviews and draw my own conclusion.
    so much can vary, such as:
    time of day
    were they busy / slow
    well staffed or not
    was it near closing time
    is the guest that is writing the review paying for the meal or not
    is the guest that is writing the review a chronic complainer
    is the guest that is writing the review someone that is always trying to get something for free
    well, you get the picture.
    more opinions can average out to a more accurate picture.

  5. I would like to read your Strat buffet review. I have not been there in many years.

  6. Well written review. Thank you.

    I have to say, in my opinion the MSS Buffet is a shadow of what it used to be. 15+ years ago it was THE place to get GREAT food on a budget. Lot’s of great selections that other buffets didn’t have. Fresh Rotisserie Chicken and other great meat selections. THE BEST and I mean THE best Kalua Pork. I used to go just for tat. I had put it right up there with the Rio Buffet which was the reigning champ at the time.

    Over the last decade I have gone back every few years to try it out. Year over year, the quality has gone down hill. We went this last summer and I was extremely disappointed because it didn’t match up to it’s “Glory Days”. Now for what it is, I can’t complain. Cheap food for a low price. But in comparison to what it used to be (and the prices were cheaper back then), it’s sad to see it fall.

  7. Twas not airplane that killed the besst was corporate conservative modeling

  8. Ate dinner there on Oct. 31…. a BBQ night. Two-for-one coupon made it very reasonable financially. I have generally been pleased with breakfast there. I found enough worth eating at dinner on Halloween, but I found a lot of the dinner offerings to be mediocre. I’ll stick to their breakfast buffet on future trips. I’ve always been pleased with that.

    • Dinner is all about burgers for me when I’m in Vegas, as my selection in the country I work is limited to terrible or unsatisfactory.

  9. Well if u like burgers go to Binions!

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