Blonde4ever Has A Perfect Plaza Stay

Plaza Hotel & CasinoPlaza Hotel & Casino

Blonde4ever details all the luxuries of the Plaza Hotel and Casino and the many highlights of her annual fall trip. 

Another week-long visit to my favorite downtown hotel, the Plaza, is in the books and as always, it was fabulous.  This is my seventh Plaza stay and there will definitely be more to come.  I started staying here four years ago and have become a loyal Plaza convert.

This is a link to my last review six months ago Why I Choose the Plaza Hotel and Casino

I will tell you about my October 2017 stay.

I checked in around noon on a Friday and only had one person in the line in front of me. The desk clerk was fast, polite and efficient. The room they had blocked for me wasn’t ready but he was quick to move me to an identical location on a different floor so I could “get the party started”.  I enjoy having a room in the North Tower near the elevators as I have some walking issues and I got exactly what I asked for. I noticed that the Plaza has four self check-in kiosks adjacent to the front desk now to ease any congestion at the desk.

My room was spacious and clean, as it always is.  I noticed that an extra lamp had been provided which was appreciated.  There were three in my room. There was an extra chair as well, but since there was only one of me I used the extra chair to block the adjoining door.  (My own particular paranoia) All the plumbing worked well. If you aren’t aware of it, they always provide a rubber mat for you to use in the tub. This is something I always look for to keep me more stable in the shower.  It is usually on the shelf under the sink. If for some reason there isn’t one in your room just call housekeeping and they will be happy to bring you one. Here are some pictures from my room last month.

Once I was all settled in I went down to Brightside, the cafe beside the casino. I have had good burgers there before but this time I chose something called A French Toast Panini.  OMG! This was heaven on a plate! It consisted of three slices of french toast with cream cheese in between and topped off with fresh strawberries and syrup.  It was delicious and something I will order again for sure!  The Plaza has many food options from which to choose; Pop Up Pizza,  Zaba’s Mexican Kitchen, Subway and Mickey D’s. There is a coffee/gelato place right next to the front door.  Hash House a Go Go is always a popular spot due to their great food and huge portions. And last but not least the Plaza has Oscar Goodman’s Beef Booze and Broads if you are looking for upscale dining.

After eating I made a beeline for the casino. I visit every six months and the Plaza always has new slots for me to try.  I tried some new games but always seem to wind up at their 9/6 Video Poker, or Lightnings Links, or Buffalo.  I took a break around 5 pm and went back to my quiet room to lie down. I am eternally grateful for the Plaza’s fast strong internet. ( free if your room is comped or covered under the resort fee if it isn’t) I updated Facebook on my IPAD as I rested.  My mountain facing rooms are always extremely quiet which I love.

The next morning dawned bright and warm so I headed for the Plaza pool. I consider this to be the best pool area downtown due to the wonderful heated pool. I have swum at the D, Binion’s  and the Golden Nugget and darn near froze! Sometimes the Plaza hot tub is busy and you can’t find a spot, but the pool itself is so warm that it is still very therapeutic for my achy joints. As an added bonus you have a birds eye view of the construction going on at the former Las Vegas Club from the pool area.

That evening I attended the Scintas show at the Plaza.  If you are a fan of old-school Vegas entertainment in a classic showroom this is the place to be.  I had seen the Scintas in another location but the sound quality was nothing compared to how good it is in the Plaza showroom.  The show is filled with a variety of both old and new music, and humor. I would not hesitate to see this show again. In fact when the lead singer, Frankie Scinta, said he would be at Oscar’s lounge later I had to follow him there to tell him how much I enjoyed his show.

Scintas tickets can be purchased HERE.

(I was saddened to hear of the recent passing of Joey Scinta. It is hard to envision the show without him.  He will be sorely missed)

The Scintas

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At this point, I was tired and really should have gone to bed but the lure of the casino was too strong. I went downstairs and discovered that my favorite band, Wonder Boogie, were playing. Having grown up in the disco era I adore their sound so of course, I had to sit down on a couch and listen to the rest of their set.

Plaza Hotel & Casino

The rest of my week at the Plaza went equally well.  I had intended to visit their new Bingo room but never got around to it.  I did visit the Las Vegas Jerky store to get some room snacks. I love how their offerings are as healthy or as decadent as you want them to be.

I also held a small party for about 20 people in the beautiful Simpatico room next to Oscar’s and it was perfect for our group; a quiet comfortable room with frequent visits from the server.  I absolutely will do this again.  The Plaza is a great place for a meet of any kind. There was a Marble Show going on in the main ballroom upstairs I noticed.  (Having stuck my nosy head in to check it out!)

Everything about the Plaza just seems to fit me to a tee. I can enjoy a fabulous Vegas vacation and never leave the property.

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  1. Great trip. Glad you have found a happy place there.

  2. Nice reporting Bonnie. We’ve never stayed at the Plaza but play there often. Amazing improvements over the past three years. We just ate at Oscars last night and it was an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I enjoyed your report, Bonnie… I have never stayed downtown but I will definitely keep the Plaza in mind I’ll be visiting again in December and staying in MY favorite place… Wyndham Grand Desert! I’ll be taking a dip in the heated pool and enjoying the fire pit (A week at the Wyndham is my Holiday treat). Best wishes, E

  4. I have to thank you for letting me discover the Plaza on one of our trips together. Love the place, and since Tom has never had the chance to enjoy it much hope to stay there for part of our next trip. Yes, they certainly DO keep on with the improvements….it’s getting better and better.

  5. Wonder Boogie is FUN, I try to catch them every time I’m there. Thanks for another great review

  6. Sounds fantastic, Bonnie! For some reason I can’t book MSS for next Summer, so I’m thinking about the Plaza or Downtown Grand as my back ups!

  7. MJ aka mycatspot | November 25, 2017 at 6:30 pm |

    I’ve never tried downtown but will give the Plaza a drive! And I LOVE me some Wonderboogie – is this their current home? (It was Carnival Court my last trip..)

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