Sh*t You May Have Missed… Like Resorts World With Not One, But Two Cranes!

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Hey all, BigAZMarty here with this week’s news about our favorite place, Las Vegas!

First and foremost, I feel that the national news has covered most of the details of the Sunday night tragedy.  While this is big news I feel like right now what has been done has been done and it’s time for letting the families and friends of the victims (condolences to all of you affected) not have this repeated over and over again to refresh the pain.  Yes, the victims should be honored and remembered as a lot were heros in their own rights and a light was snuffed out way too early in all cases. If you want a serious level of details from a local source there is the Vital Vegas twitter feed here.  I feel it is up to the law enforcement to figure it out, let medical staff work on the injured, let Las Vegas mourn and then become Las Vegas again.  You as readers can focus on these links from here if you choose to donate or volunteer for the victims. Once Law Enforcement figures it out we’ll report on their findings probably starting next week as more detailed information is put out publicly.  I will be writing up a separate trip article and will have details on what we went through and saw (the good and the bad of it all). Besides if we were to cover this LasVegasJunkie would have a hell of a time editing it all, it is just that vast.  So in the spirit of getting Las Vegas back to being Las Vegas here we go.

Caesars Entertainment should be coming out of bankruptcy as you read this, Oct. 6th is the planned date per here.  Read Caesars Entertainment’s statements here.

White Castles on Fremont is now open, read Vital Vegas here.  White Castle sliders without onions…. have you seen how they are cooked?  You know you got onions whether you liked it or not since they are “steam cooked” over onions.

Resorts World equipment and supplies update, there are now 2 cranes onsite and a bunch of newly laid out building supplies per Vital Vegas here.  C’mon Resorts World stop laying out the biggest Tinker Toy layout…it’s not unboxing time…its building time!

Vital Vegas also has the “uncovering” of the Wynn Plaza Shopping Complex read here.  Is that Rodeo Drive with red accents instead of the white seen on the left here?

According to, the All Net Arena and Resort is fully funded now via private financing, read and watch here.  The video has renderings of the new complex and a much bigger hotel than previously announced (approaching the height of the former Fontainebleau).  Fun things include a grocery store and open access to the condos to the east of the former Fontainebleau as well.

MarC of EDGE Vegas has a write-up on casino loyalty rewards programs for Caesars, MGM, Cosmopolitan and Venetian/Palazzo properties here.  For some reason Circus Circus is not included on that program, theyhave their own…I know when MGM had Circus-Circus-Reno they did not use MLife.

MarC of EDGE Vegas has a good report on all the new NHL Golden Nights events around Las Vegas as well here.  By the way…T-Mobile Arena’s Jack Daniel’s Lounge sections (I think sections 4, 5 and 6) all have nice seating except for the cup holder that beat the crap out of my shins.  The arm rests raise up Ala theater seating.

More Monte Carlo closings from Eater Vegas, no more food court for a bit, read here.  An observation, the casino floor new sections are opening up and the new carpet, table games and new slot machines were heavily played and nicely placed with space to walk between.  Roof is now painted white instead of that odd crème tan color.

August revenue numbers waaaaay up, Strip up 21.35%, Downtown up 13.4%, more listed in article…North Las Vegas and Boulder Strip not so much.  Read LVSun here.

Oontz is back in swing; LVSun via LVWeekly has this weekend’s Oontz items for your eardrum thumping pleasure here.  Guess it’s still warm enough at some pools to continue there.

The former Moulin Rouge caught fire again Thursday night (the former apartment buildings) read LVRJ here.  There will not be much left now to hang the historical record on soon.  Another sad day for the old historical site (the first racially integrated resort in Las Vegas).

Wynn/Encore are now using hand held metal detectors, on check in, for guests bags per LVRJ here.  Expect this to expand as Macau already has this in place at all hotel and casino’s.  Stiffs and Georges has some Steve for you here as well on it.

Robin Leach at LVRJ covers 30 years of Crazy Girls at PH’s read here.  Makes you wonder if that show survives another 30 years, what will it look like?

Robin at LVRJ also does a look back on Hef’s time in Las Vegas here.  Did you know that The Cosmopolitan was originally the site for a Playboy Hotel and Casino?  Look at the old Vegas Today and Tomorrow site page here scroll down to Playboy to see the render here.  Looks kind of familiar doesn’t it?  Instead they saved money and went to the Palms.

New Charcoal Grill eatery in Paris Las Vegas? Yup read Eater Vegas here.  Mmmmm charcoal grilled meats on skewers.

Palazzo’s casino floor is still being re-done, this time the Laguna Champagne Lounge is up, read Eater Vegas here.

That’s it for the non-tragedy news… and now over to our Editor-in-Chief, LasVegasJunkie, for our stuff and more.

Gracias, BigAZMarty!

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That’s all Folks!

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A computer professional who has worked at several types of positions with several different businesses and still learning and changing. Introduced properly to Las Vegas and Laughlin by the spouse and have been going ever since 1990. A frequent visitor from not to far away where it's almost always 10 degrees warmer than Vegas.

6 Comments on "Sh*t You May Have Missed… Like Resorts World With Not One, But Two Cranes!"

  1. Greg Garrett | October 6, 2017 at 11:11 am |

    Hey Marty, Yes the strip revenue was up in august. I came to town and lost my a$$. I had a great time even though I went home with a lot less money than I came with.

    • Sorry to hear you lost your posterier…if you spent enough perhaps you can get comps on your next trip to make it up somewhat!!! Wife and I have been there and done that….big Las Vegas weekends seem to be our bane as well but since she’s Gold at MLife and Diamond at TotalRewards we get a lot of freebies in suite classes, free shows and free food that we’d be spending thousands on in other cities (and why we still love Las Vegas).

  2. ChrisinNashville | October 6, 2017 at 1:41 pm |

    In the spirit of getting Las Vegas back to being Las Vegas – thank you and thank you for posting again today. My trip for December has been booked for some time now. I have not once thought about cancelling. Need to help the city and will not let that brainless fool keep me from my trip.
    Go Knights! Viva!!!

    • Thank you for not cancelling your trip, and the people of Las Vegas appreciate it. Without the tourism industry and gaming business Las Vegas would have to switch to some other business to support the population living there or become the next “Rust Belt” city.

  3. Just Passing By | October 8, 2017 at 11:54 am |

    Any Updates on the parking situation for Tmobile. Werent they going to build extra parking somewhere.

    Going to check out the new rooms at Monte Carlo. I like how they are renovating Monte Carlo. I am curious if they are going to remove the food court and add more upscale restaurants.

    • The new parking was built in the old equestrian area of Excalibur between the existing Excalibur garage and Frank Sinatra drive, there is a walkway that comes from that garage under the Tropicana Bridge to the T-Mobile Arena site. The Monte Carlo Food Court has closed for remodel, not sure if it will stay food court or not. I’d say from what I saw they are closing up about 1/6 to 1/3 of the casino floor at a time and redoing it, I think when they opened the newly done section in the north middle section they said they were closing up the front section next.

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