New Pool Deck for Park MGM and NoMad Coming Along Nicely

Behind the Park MGM and NoMad construction walls 

Hey all BigAZMarty here with some pics of the new Park MGM pool deck construction and the rooftop NoMad pool deck construction.  I was figuring that since we were at Planet Hollywood and coming to T-Mobile Arena for the Imagine Dragons concert Sept 29th that we’d do a Bellagio/Vdara tram ride to Monte Carlo/Aria and see if I could get you the reader some looks at the new Pool Deck for the Park-MGM/NoMad complex that will be completed in 2018 (currently still Monte Carlo and Hotel32).  First off here is a shot of the old Monte Carlo pool deck from Bing Maps:

And now and updated construction view from I’d say June or July of this year:

Gone is the Wave Pool, River Run and the club pool as well as the sand volleyball area.  So seeing this from Google Maps, I thought I can do much better and so here we go (bear with me some shots were through the dirty view glass off the Tram Station platform)

The LONG Pool, north side, and south side:

Dayclub Pool area for Park-MGM (seems to have that division and some party deck):

Finally the newly poured pool that is not in the Google Maps view.

Some of the new NoMad rooftop pool deck (it’s behind that yellow tarp material on the roof); I think the two lower floor rooms will be looking up at new NoMad pool deck now:

Finally a quick shot of everything I could fit in one shot…this is looking south from the tram station, looks interesting… oh and an extra shot of some City Center building they’ve knocked the siding off of for some additional work…could be the water plant for the pool deck, just not sure:


[Photo cred. BigAZMarty]



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3 Comments on "New Pool Deck for Park MGM and NoMad Coming Along Nicely"

  1. Ugh, I thought the Monte Carlo had a great pool scene with the lazy river etc. The main pool was small, but still not a bad layout. Now it will become just another day club, hipster pool scene, catering to another demographic. BTW the silver building was the old Aria Theater (formerly home to Viva Elvis and Zarkana) which is now being transformed into convention space.

  2. I really liked the old pool set up, seems they’ve gone a little sterile with this one. Too angular and looks like they’re just going for the “oontz” crowd. Let’s see if it pays off.

  3. The structure in the last picture is the theater where they had the Zarkana show. Probably being remodeled for more convention space.

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