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Welcome to VegasBright, BSiegs 

I vividly remember my first Las Vegas experience.

I had recently turned 22. One of my best friends since childhood and I decided that a trip to Las Vegas was necessary. Young and creditless, when the time to book came, I asked my Dad if we could put it on his credit card. He agreed.

And then offered a surprise. He’d provide some financial assistance if we let him join the party. He had never been to Vegas and I could see it in his eyes. He didn’t want his 22-year-old son to beat him there.

My first Las Vegas trip was born. With my best friend and my Dad.

We arrived on an evening flight. My buddy and I explored the Strip, eyes as wide as saucers, and took in my favorite city for the first time. It’s probably safe to say that we were a little overwhelmed.

Unfortunately, he had a nasty cold and after a few hours of exploring, we were drained. By 2 or 3 AM, we decided to call it a relatively early night. After all, we had several full days in front of us.

Surprisingly, when we returned to our luxurious Flamingo room, my Dad was nowhere to be found. A little embarrassing. We beat a man almost thirty years our senior back to the room on our first ever night in Vegas. But it was too late to call an audible.

But that isn’t the most embarrassing part. The next morning, we obviously decided on an early wake-up call. And when our eyes opened at 7:30 AM?

Still no Dad.

He stumbled in a few minutes later as we were getting ready.

My Dad taught me yet another lesson that day. I had a long way to go in learning how to Vegas.

As I sit here 10+ years and 20+ Vegas trips later, I’m happy to say that I’ve come a long way. What started as a one-off trip spawned an obsession.

First, a couple solo poker trips. Business trips.

Then, for my Bachelor Party, a group of nine great friends by my side. My Vegas was forever changed for the better. I learned that a social blackjack or craps table was my true home.

A great group of six “Vegas regulars” has evolved over time. We’ve dubbed ourselves The Vegas Crew.

And yes, I am the ringleader. I start email and text chains. I am always planning the next trip. I write the trip reports when we get home. I constantly read the never-ending comings and goings of our fair city. I just can’t get enough.

A true Vegas addict. And an unapologetic one at that.

With that, I could not be more excited to be the newest contributor here at Vegas Bright. I’m thrilled to be part of a group of fun-loving Vegas enthusiasts.

So what will I bring to the site?

Well, for starters, my Vegas trips bring three absolute guarantees. Aggressive gaming. Serious drinking. And absurd amounts of time spent at The D and Golden Gate.

I take gambling theory seriously. I play mostly craps, blackjack, and video poker. If there is one thing I love more than gambling, it is gambling with an edge…or at least a reduced deficit.

I’m a man of extremes.

I’m a talkative, social Vegas player at tables (the alcohol helps). But also love a solo day with zero social obligations.

I love a high-end meal at the best restaurants the Strip has to offer. But also feast on McDonald’s Dollar Menu as a Vegas night, or early morning comes to a close.

I relish a day of luxury and excess at the Wynn. But also feel at home walking through the perfumed entrance of the Excalibur toward a $5 craps table.


I listen to a wide variety of great music. But also cherish jamming out to garbage pop that puts me into Vegas mode as a trip approaches. You will undoubtedly hear of my love for Kesha until your ears bleed.

Hell, even my upbringing is made of extremes. I’m born and bred from small-town Wisconsin but have spent the last ten years in downtown Chicago. And don’t see myself leaving anytime soon.

Trip reports. Restaurant reviews. Hanging out with old friends. Making new friends. Vegas classics. Vegas newness. And hopefully some surprises along the way.

I hope to share all of that and more.

But enough about me. Let’s talk Vegas.

[Photo Cred. Kelly Lamrock, Blonde4Ever, Greg C, Angie and Michael Movestro]

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  1. LasVegasJunkie | October 2, 2017 at 9:10 am |

    Welcome aboard BSiegs!

  2. Thomas Campbell | October 2, 2017 at 6:12 pm |

    Welcome to the site.

  3. Welcome to Vegas Bright!

  4. Thanks everyone, excited to be here!

  5. Just Passing By | October 3, 2017 at 2:16 pm |

    What happened to disqus? Are we back on Vegas Chatter. Lol. Seriously – thanks for all the work. Be in Vegas in a few weeks. Cant wait.

    • Michael Movestro | October 4, 2017 at 11:09 am |

      We never had disqus. Vital Vegas has it though.

      • Just Passing By | October 4, 2017 at 1:50 pm |

        You are right. Man I am losing it. I commented on the link you provided and thought I was still on Vegas Bright. haha. It was vital vegas. Both great sights. Thanks Michael for all the work.

  6. Ah, whatever ailed my VB login for commenting has now been corrected! Welcome to the team, BSiegs! Glad to have another contributor from the Midwest and who also grew up or has lived in the Chicagoland area!

  7. Welcome and now you have two crews you belong to!!!

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