Sh*t You May Have Missed… Like Treehouse coming to Downtown Las Vegas

Treehouse - lounge, restaurant, and poolTreehouse - lounge, restaurant, and pool

Happy New Year everyone! BigAZMarty here with this week’s news about our favorite place, Las Vegas

1) LVCVA has started up new “What happens in Vegas, Stay’s in Vegas!” ads and LVRJ has a nice article and one that has already aired over this past weekend.  Read and view here.  You know, I like this ad, let’s hope they air some more fun ones like this one, just a tad cheeky but everyone can relate, right?

2) Well, New Year’s Eve/Day has come and gone in Las Vegas and of course, if you missed it, LVRJ runs a literal ton of coverage in just a few articles, read, view, sing and dance if you must here.  The second article covering the fireworks and more here at LVRJ as well.  Oh and LVRJ also has downtown coverage as well here in case you are a downtown type of visitor read here.  It was odd in my town the local CW channel was covering Las Vegas New Years as their New Years Special but it didn’t show in the CW app at all.

3) Now that New Year’s Eve/Day has come and gone see what it takes to clean up after an estimated 330,000 people that had a really good time, via LVRJ here. 12 tons of trash and further down in the article are the arrest numbers, a relatively sedate New Years celebration.

4) FiddleStix at the Downtown Gold Spike has perhaps the most colorful grilled cheese sandwich ever and it’s not even on the normal menu, try the Unicorn Grilled Cheese or revel in it’s technicolor at LVRJ here.  $9 bucks isn’t bad either.

5) OMG, In-N-Out has a menu item that has been recently added to their menu in perfect time for the season, Hot Cocoa!  It’s actually a bring back item dating back to the ’50’s and ’60’s in So Cal.  But the really good news is it is Ghiradelli’s cocoa and it comes with Marshmallows!  Strip locations are at the The Linq Promenade and behind the T-Mobile arena over the I-15 off of Tropicana and Dean Martin Drive (used to be Industrial).  Read LVRJ here.  Hmmm…. if you want Ghiradelli overload, The Linq Promenade has a Ghiradelli’s store that makes a great hot fudge sundae, then bounce down to In-N-Out for Hot Cocoa!

6) November numbers were in and well it’s still decreasing Strip-side hmm…. no free parking on most Strip properties, resort fees, tighter VP paytables and 6:5 Blackjack wouldn’t have anything to do with this anyhow?  Anyways here is the LVRJ article here with the numbers.  We did have numbers last week but this one shines a light on the downturn in Strip visitation as well.  C-Suites need to stop killing the goose now before Las Vegas becomes another Palm Springs.

7) Of course then LVRJ has to run an article on how the Macao market has improved so much (16%) that it looks like an ad for LVS’s Parisian Macao here.  Perhaps the Asians honoring the Route 91 dead have just stayed in Asia instead?  Next year will tell.

8) County Commissioners have given the go ahead with the Raiders Stadium read LVRJ here.  Remember there is a Stadium Construction cam here.  So far after taking down the GroundBreaking tent there hasn’t been but minimal activity so far… Resort’s World/Echelon anyone?

9) Raiders as also getting a big discount on the land costs from City of Henderson, read LVSun here.  This is for the practice and offices down near M Resort.

10) Raiders trifecta, they are in discussion with Billy Walters to take over the Bali Hai golf course lease and probably convert to Stadium Parking for the new stadium, read LVSun here.

11) Soon to be Park MGM’s Bavette’s opened in the winter break and LVSun covers it here.  Mmmmm…. char.  Hours of operation are at the bottom as well as the phone number for reservations.

12) Coming in for next week’s CES show? LVSun has a little on what to expect from the show here.  A nice preview although LG has released they will have the 88″ 8K OLED on display at CES in Las Vegas.  For 8K it’s going to probably come down to OLED (LG/Sony) vs. MicroLED (Samsung and everyone else).  If you haven’t reserved rooms yet, be aware there is a pure sticker shock this close to the show if there are any rooms left.

13) Ouch…. perhaps this is why Nevada Sports books were down in November, Astro’s winning cost sports books $11.4M.  Read ESPN here.

14) Vital Vegas has his best scoops of the year article here.  Yes you rock Scott and please continue to do so as well as endeavoring in Capt N Diet Coke and Lady Parts (as long as they aren’t my ladies parts). Scott is the Las Vegas embodiment of someone you live vicariously through and, well, just enjoy the shit out of it.

15) MarC of EDGEVegas has via the new blackjack trends for 2018, read here.  Or just skip to the best part at the bottom about The Cromwell and why my wife loves to stay there and play blackjack.

16) MarC of EDGEVegas via here has why Vegas is in the topmost Instagrammed locations in the world, see the top locations in the article.

17) MarC of EDGEVegas via here has the top sportsbook renovations of 2017.  The worst has to be Flamingo, it’s now seeming even smaller than before and even smokier… it needs to be moved to a bigger space and that existing space used for a restaurant or shop as it’s not in the best place in the casino (back near Carlos and Charlies).

18) Eater Vegas has a new place named the Treehouse in downtown on Main Street to enjoy, it’s hard to qualify so read here.  In short a restaurant, lounge and day pool combo in two stories.

19) That didn’t take long (R.I.P. Hexx Retail… hello Alexxa Sangria Bar), read EATER Vegas on the new Alexxa Sangria Bar that is already open here.  Menu is decent though but will probably not appease the missus on the loss of the best Grape Soda Float in Las Vegas.

20) VegasSeven reporting Caesars 2018 private party celebration with 3,000 invited guests and some tidbits about the Ramsey and Giada opening dates here.  So Ramsay’s HK sometime this week and Giada’s Pronto within 30 days.  Still not getting why they dropped the Roman Architecture for more modern looking bland for Ramsay’s HK.

21) Melody Sweet’s holiday version of the Sweet’s Spot at Cabaret Jazz at The Smith Center happened on Dec. 19, but has the photo’s and article here.  One photo is NSFW but the rest are all looking like they could have come from a ’50’s Hollywood Holiday Musical Movie set and in glorious Black and White.

22) Missed this article but caught it this week, the new tax bill that was approved? It’s going to speed up the completion of the Project Blue complex and yes now it does include a casino!  Read TravelWeekly here.

23) Well this is never good Golden Entertainment’s Arizona Charlie’s Decatur was the site of the death of two security guards responding to the room occupant getting removed from her own room by two men whom the occupant had a dispute with.  Read LVSun here.  The shooter died on Sunday after a self-inflicted gunshot.

24) Oh bollards, a pay dispute is holding up the Bollard installation on the Strip, read here.  Clark County to hold up the vote for 500 bollard installation along the strip while they investigate 3 employees not being paid their agreed on amount by Muller Construction.

25) Finally, yup there was an incident with those LVMPD rifle’s as one went off while the officer was moving a barricade and one person was struck by a bullet fragment, read here.

That’s it for the news around town this week… and now over to our Editor-in-Chief, LasVegasJunkie, for our stuff and more.

Gracias, BigAZMarty! Another busy week…

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That’s all Folks!

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  1. ChrisinNashville | January 5, 2018 at 11:52 am |

    #26 – The Lucky Dragon casino and restaurants closed abruptly on Thursday morning. Sad.

    • Thanks ChrisinNashville, that occurred after the story submission and I’ll include it in next weeks edition! They are keeping the Hotel side open still and are saying it is a re-org process. They may outsource the operations of the Casino/Restaurants to another more established gaming company. Rumors were two fold, not enough good player/food deals to hold the locals over Gold Coast or Palace Station and VIP’s were winning then leaving for Strip Properties to spend or gamble it back which means Lucky Dragon was not getting the money back. I don’t know but if I was Boyd Gaming or even Michael Gaughan I’d look at that property as it’s very similar in size to the old Barbary Coast (now The Cromwell). They did know how to run a low roller joint and make enough money to build more.

  2. Always loved the Vegas commercials. The new one is entertaining

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