Resorts World Exclusive: First of Five Construction Cranes Being Installed

Resorts WorldResorts World 5 New Construction Cranes Coming.

Vegas Bright eye-in-the-sky, Sean, captures images of the first of five construction cranes being installed at the now lively construction site. 

Well, folks, it looks like there is more than just smoke and mirrors at the Resorts World construction site. Our eye-in-the-sky, Sean at Sky Las Vegas, was able to capture this photo of crews beginning to assemble the first of five cranes at the now lively construction site. The bases for the cranes were installed over the past few months while crews simultaneously dismantled steel portions of the Echelon Place skeleton.

Just last month representatives of Genting, the Malaysian company that is building Resorts World Las Vegas announced that it had partnered with Las Vegas based W.A. Richardson Builders in a construction management deal. Las Vegas historians will find this interesting; W.A. Richardson Builders is owned by Bill Richardson, a former casino executive with Mandalay Resort Group, which was eventually acquired by MGM Mirage in early 2005. W.A. Richardson Builders was recently involved in renovations at The Cromwell, downtown’s White Castle, Caesars Palace, and Wynn Las Vegas.

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[Photo Cred. Sean & Jeff C.]

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8 Comments on "Resorts World Exclusive: First of Five Construction Cranes Being Installed"

  1. ChrisinNashville | November 9, 2017 at 7:45 am |

    Never thought I’d see the day that this lot would be jumping. I like the name Echelon Place a lot more than Resorts World but who can complain at this point! Hope this actually opens one day.
    You have a new twitter follower! I can’t get enough Vegas news and stories.

  2. So now the updates are reduced to construction about the construction equipment…

    • No one is forcing you to read any of the updates or any other article. If you don’t like it, kick rocks and don’t continue to visit the site. We spend a lot of our own time writing, photographing, editing, etc… This is a labor of love for all of us, don’t be a dick.

      • Nicely done.

      • I’m not complaining about the material being produced for the website. I am actually very appreciative and quite enjoy all of the content that is produced here. My comment was more of a tongue and cheek making fun of Resorts World for how long it takes them to make progress on ANYTHING. Guess that didn’t come across so well, my apologies.

  3. You know…there’s a part of me that really, really wants to believe they’re finally getting serious about this since it seems everyone is announcing new towers (Wynn, Caesars) and building may actually start again.

    There’s another part of me that just thinks they’re rearranging the deck chairs again.

    I hope the first part of me is right. I’d love for the North end of the strip to come back to life.

  4. Its about 50 grand per grand to install…and about 10 grand a month per crane for rental. Fairly steep price for smoke and mirrors.

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