WELL Spa + Salon at The Platinum Hotel is Worth a Visit

WELL Spa + SalonWELL Spa + Salon Platinum Hotel

Vegas Bright favorite guest writer Iun Hockley returns with a riveting review of the WELL Spa + Salon at The Platinum Hotel 

Massages and spas are absolutely my thing. As an individual who is wound tighter than a g-string on a showgirl, there’s something truly wonderful about entering a space that is completely dedicated to your relaxation. At the WELL Spa + Salon at The Platinum Hotel, they have this down to a minor art form.

Firstly, the hotel itself is located off-Strip, which is suitably relaxing in and of itself: don’t get me wrong, I love The Strip, but when I want downtime, I want no hassle or crowds. The building exterior has something of a Mediterranean hotel vibe, each individual suite having its own balcony. The interior is also suitably well-appointed in muted greys, browns and blacks.

The spa is on the 4 the floor of the building, and is quite incongruous in appearance, from outside, it looks like a cosmetics store. It is the inside of the spa, however, where things get awesome.

The co-ed relaxation room is done over in diaphanous (look it up) pastel curtains that separate cozy alcoves with individual beds, crystal lamps and a stack of pillows to nestle into. Lighting is kept to an absolute minimum with the aforementioned pink crystal lamps and a few floor lights keeping everything warm and intimate. The place almost demands quiet – there are no TVs here, no staff loudly thumping their way through the area or sighing loudly through the workday. Unfortunately, there are also no tubs, plunge pools or Jacuzzis to enjoy as there are in the slightly larger hotels. The separate changing areas are small, but well-stocked with essentials such as toothbrushes, razors, deodorant, cologne, hair gel, hair spray, mousse… the list goes on.

The relaxation area also has a mini-fridge full of various cans of juice and water. There is a bar with a selection of serve-yourself teas and coffees as well as trail mix and various other healthy grain dispensers. The mini-fridge mysteriously refilled itself each time I cleared it out and stashed the cans in my bag. Yes, I was making clanking noises when I left the hotel.

Anyway, enough of me extolling the virtues of peace and quiet: it’s the massage that you came to read about. Having been to the Platinum before and enjoyed the experience, I knew to once again ask for Joy – a wonderful Japanese lady with an excellent touch and an intuitive sense of which areas needed the most intense work. She remembered me from a year previous and asked how my chronic insomnia was and if I was still having neck pain. It’s the little things, really.

Before every treatment, the masseuses give you a choice of one or a combination of scents to relax, invigorate, refresh or revitalize. Naturally, I chose the knock-out drops. An hour passes quickly when you are being gently kneaded into a state of semi-conscious bliss, nevertheless, everything about the hour was fantastic with firm pressure when needed, a gentler touch as necessary and overall an experience that left me ready for a good sleep on the long plane journey home.

Pool access is included with the Spa package, and the pool is a nice area on the fifth floor with both indoor and outdoor pools although they are directly Connected with a channel of water. There is an outdoor hot tub and plenty of umbrellas for shade. Drinks service is a little slow, but the prices at $5+ for a cocktail means that any delays can easily be forgiven.

[Photo Cred. WELL Spa + Salon]

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  1. Great review. What is the ballpark price of a massage package such as the one you had?

    • I did a Groupon, and it was around or less than $100. But there’s a gratuity to pay afterwards of course. The Groupons tend to come out about a month before summer, so there might be a wait involved – I purchased around June.

      There are a variety of other packages like head and body, or scrubs and wraps that are discounted by the spa itself. I had a nice raspberry vodka thingy at the lobby bar, as well. It was cheap. And 2pm. Don’t judge me.

  2. Sounds awesome! I want to go!!

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