Las Vegas Club Demolition Update

las vegas clubNewer, taller tower to the right

Greg C. catches us up on the ongoing Las Vegas Club demolition 

Resident photographer Greg C. captured the ongoing demolition progress by North American Dismantling Corp. at the former site of the shuttered Las Vegas Club. The site, which also encompasses the former Mermaids footprint, is the future home to the “18 Fremont” resort. The Las Vegas Club and surrounding area demolition is expected to wrap-up before the end of the year. The new resort, 18 Fremont [for now], is expected to make its grand debut in 2020.

Sections of NADC’s 290-ton CAT 5110B Ultra High Reach Excavator have already started to arrive on site. With a reach of 182′ feet, the excavator will be used to bring down the two remaining hotel towers later this month. First order of business will be the deconstruction of the original, shorter tower. That will then be followed by demolition of the newer, taller tower.


Here is a video of NADC’s CAT 5110B Ultra High Reach Excavator in action; working in tight spaces to dismantle a power station in Queens, New York.


18 Fremont Resort trailer by LasVegasJunkie

[Photos: Greg C.]

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  1. ChrisinNashville | September 6, 2017 at 12:49 pm |

    I miss the Vegas Club. Very simple, fun and affordable. Very fond memories from my first trip back in 2001. Will be interesting to see what the new place is like. Thanks as always for the updates!

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