Your Obligatory Las Vegas Club Demolition Update

Las Vegas ClubLas Vegas Club demolition update

We have a problem, and that problem is a passion for all things Las Vegas! Today we bring you the obligatory Las Vegas Club demolition update photos. 

Vegas Bright photographer Greg C. captured the ongoing demolition progress by North American Dismantling Corp. at the former site of the shuttered Las Vegas Club. The site, which also encompasses the former Mermaids footprint, is the future home to the “18 Fremont” resort. The Las Vegas Club and surrounding area demolition is expected to wrap-up before the end of the year. The new resort, 18 Fremont [for now], is expected to make its grand debut in 2020.

California based Ferma Corporation was recently brought on board to help complete the demolition process; North American Dismantling Corp.’s CAT 5110B Ultra High Reach Excavator, which started the demolition process, had a work-related accident and is currently out of commission, collecting workers compensation.

As previously mentioned, 18 Fremont is expected to make its grand debut in 2020. The new resort will be the first ground-up resort development in the downtown area in many, many decades. Owners, Derek and Greg Stevens, have spearheaded a major facelift among Fremont Street with their Golden Gate and The D hotel towers recently having undergone major renovations.

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[Photo Cred. Greg C.]

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4 Comments on "Your Obligatory Las Vegas Club Demolition Update"

  1. We just got back from a 2 week stay in the Plaza & were quite interested in seeing the demolition progressing.
    For the first week, nothing. The new “big” machine, which appeared to be much bigger than the original, simply sat there. Finally after 8 or 9 days, it started, i got a great photo if the B from the Club sign being ripped off.
    The operator is on a separate high machine.
    Watching the painstakingly slow process I have to wonder whether 2020 is a realistic date???

  2. ChrisinNashville | October 25, 2017 at 7:05 am |

    2020 is very realistic Bill. I mean, Fontainebleau opened in 2008, Echelon Place opened in 2010 and Resorts World opened on time just last year. No worries my friend, no worries at all.
    (Read – I’ll believe it when I am actually walking into the new place).

  3. Big gamble (get it?) investing big $ downtown. These guys must have $ to burn.

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