Implosion Video: Riviera’s Monaco Tower – June 14th, 2016

Riviera's Monaco Tower Implosion

Video of this morning’s Implosion of The Riviera’s Monaco Tower…

Very early this morning at 2:30am, The Riviera’s Monaco Tower was imploded. Our photographer Greg C was there to bring us this footage, courtesy of a vantage point provided by Westgate Las Vegas. It begins with a daylight shot for posterity, followed a shower of fireworks, then the actual implosion at the 6:25 mark:

The Monaco Tower is the youngest of the Riv’s tall towers and was completed in 1987. The remaining and oldest tower is the Monte Carlo Tower which will be imploded in August. That implosion is scheduled for August 14th. The LVCVA plans to turn the footprint of the Riviera into outdoor exhibit space. Any further structures for the site have not been funded yet. In case you missed it, yesterday we posted some final pictures of the Riv’s Monaco tower, as well as gorgeous videos of the Riviera in all her neon glory.

Last night the Riviera sign shone one last time.

Riviera's Monaco Tower Implosion

[Story credits: Coverage of this event was a team effort between Greg C, Sammasseur, and me. Go team!| Video: Greg C | Cover: Greg C]

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  1. Nice work Greg!

  2. I’m surprised there was still electricity running to the building, but there must have been since the sign was lit. Just seemed odd to me.

  3. Love that video Greg!!!!

  4. It doesn’t get better than that. Great video, Greg C

  5. Awesome!

  6. Thank you all–glad you enjoyed the vid!

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