BREAKING: Final Riviera Implosion set for August 16th – TWO buildings ONE night!

August 16th for final Riviera Implosion

Update 7/30 BREAKING: Riviera Implosion date is August 16th! Per staffer at Spring Hill Suites, the same source as our June 14th implosion leak!

Today we received word via the same source who leaked the June 14th Riv implosion date, that the next and final implosion will be Tuesday, August 16th. We also found this tidbit from the Las Vegas Museum Facebook Page:

Riviera Implosion August 16th

We’re not sure what to decide on this picture as sadness is concerned….the final goodbye to the Riviera or having to stay at Circus Circus.

We had previously reported an August 14th date, which was then changed. The Riviera implosion is scheduled to take place between 2 am and 2:30 am (Tuesday morning) of August 16th. According to the notice not only will the Monte Carlo tower be imploded, but also, a 12 story structure (the South Tower) next to it; that should be spectacular!

August 16th for final Riviera Implosion

Recent pic of the top of the Monte Carlo tower

If you missed the first one, Greg C just put up this video of the Riviera’s Monaco Tower implosion (June) from two different angles:

We recently posted an article with pictures of the Riviera Split in Two – just to give you an idea of how bleak the demolition progress has made it. The LVCVA plans to turn the footprint of the Riviera into outdoor exhibit space. Any further structures for the site have not been funded yet.

Special thanks to Greg C for relaying the info to me!

[Images: Greg C, Las Vegas Casino Museum]

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