SECOND Riviera Implosion Date Uncertain

Riviera Implosion

Update 7/30 BREAKING: Riviera Implosion date is August 16th! Per staffer at Spring Hill Suites, same source as our June 14th implosion leak!

UPDATE 7/3: As with anything that was breaking at the time, with a date three months ahead, we’ve been alerted the date is not as set in stone as it once was. Asbestos abatement is taking longer than expected, from what we’ve been told by a confidential source outside of the LVCVA.  It is more than likely that the date will be a Tuesday, probably the 16th, as history depicts that these things always happen on a Tuesday. Even we were somewhat concerned when the date we were given was a Monday. We are reaching out to the LVCVA for any info they can give us. However, we are expecting no response. 

The Second Riviera Implosion WAS slated for August 14th  it is now August 16th

We recently broke the story, which the LVCVA confirmed today, that the implosion date for Riviera’s Monaco Tower is June 14th at 2:00 AM. Now comes word via Sammasseur from a contact at Westgate. Westgate staff were informed today that the second Riviera implosion, consisting of the “Monte Carlo Tower,” will take place on August 14th (which is a Sunday, which is odd). No time has yet been announced; neither has the logic of a Sunday implosion. However, being this is the second and final Riviera implosion, perhaps the LVCVA wants to give it a proper send-off? You know, fireworks while people gather to say goodbye and watch it all come crashing down in a blaze of glory? I mean, this is The Riviera, after all, an icon in Las Vegas history.

Second Riviera Implosion

The Riviera’s Monte Carlo Tower

For now, time will tell. This story is developing. Also is Blaze of Glory is playing in your head? Mission Accomplished.

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  1. As much as I loved the riv it is sad to see it go. I might watch the implosion on tv if its on. It will be missed

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