Sh*t You May Have Missed Like Cashing in a Betting Slip

It’s Sh*t You May Have Missed for the week ending: 7/21/17

Hey All, BigAZMarty with this week’s edition of the news about town…the town of Las Vegas that is!

Crazy things that happen if you are a Cubs fan, you keep the betting slip and don’t cash it in!!! ESPN reports that Las Vegas Sportsbooks received an unexpected windfall of sorts when Cubs fans missed the 180 day limit to cash in their slips and caused a big amount to NOT be paid out by the Sportsbooks. Read ESPN here. To me this is crazy silly, folks out there are copiers galore, they’d have that mounted with copies of the IRS form. Or, if part of a group of bettors the 5754 and have them up as well to prove you were a winner with the Cubs. Details on W2-G and 5754 here from IRS.

Cosmo is doing WAY better (the term is exceeding expectations) with the current group managing it, read LVSun here. Yes finishing up the High Roller suites and new off limits gaming areas will do that as well as redoing the floor. According to this, a $100M room remodel! Sounds like the whole hotel is in process of getting redone room wise and they will ride that profit wave until someone wants to offload it from the current owners.

Elvis Fest has come and gone, LVSun has a nice gallery of the performers at Sam’s Town here. Maybe the winner can take Westgate’s Elvis Memorabilia back to Memphis with them for the next round.

Free Strip Self Parking at the Wynn/Encore will be no more as of August 7, 2017, per LVSun here. Makes me wonder if that retail company paid too much for the unfinished shops that are going in out front, and now, won’t have free parking to shop there. Sounds like a business oops to me….or is Wynn going to build out new parking garages for the resorts and turn over the one just off the new shops to the retail company? Just some conjecture bouncing around my head. To find the full fee of valet/self-parking, check MarC of EDGEVegas via Travelzork. As he usually has the current resort and parking fees for the strip here (note since it’s not active just yet, it’s not on the list just yet).

Also from MarC of EDGEVegas via Travelvegas, a full list out of the planned changes and what’s staying at The Palms here. A co-worker of mine just came back from a stay there and liked it so much that he’s thinking of making it his normal Las Vegas resort to stay at while he’s in town to visit.

WSOP is in full swing at the Rio and almost 121K entrants per LVSun here. While most of the play has completed, the final table has been announced and is happening now, for the roster read LVSun here. Remember they have since scrapped the November playoff so check ESPN for details.

Las Vegas is going all out for Pro Sports now, Raiders (NFL) check, LV Golden Knights (NHL) check, LV 51’s (minor league baseball) check…now LV has agreed to lease Cashman Field out to a new USL soccer team, read LVSun here. Maybe when (cough, cough) the All Net Arena and Resort between Fontainebleau and SLS gets built out they will get an NBA team to finish out the sports teams.

PH’s pools are getting a dose of Nick Cannon (in DJ mode) for the pool parties over on the left pool (Adult Pool side) read LVWeekly here. Wonder if it has anything to do with his ex performing at the Coliseum. Daddy Night Care?

Tracinda Corp has sold a 2 bedroom condo on the 45th floor of The Mandarin Oriental for a loss, $2M VS. the $3.6M it paid for it from developers back in 2010 according to LVRJ here. All in line with the unwinding of Tracinda and MGM property (stocks) per Kerkorian’s will.

In a “will he” or “won’t he” article, Robin Leach discusses the future of Criss Angel and Mindfreak at the Luxor here via LVRJ’s Niche division. Somehow I keep nope-ing on that show, not sure but I think after a Penn and Teller show everything else is just meh. Maybe it’s just me but after seeing magic shows around the country with kids in tow it’s just something I’m not wanting to see much of anymore.

Kats has it via LVRJ that the EDC show dates may be moving up to Memorial Day weekend in May read here. Suggestion, make it during the late April portion of Spring Break, you will instantly have 99% of your viewing audience in town already and it’s not so unbearably hot that heat stroke is an issue. Or do what the street vendors do in my home town, purchase a cold cart and sell chilled bottle water at $5 a bottle (a 40 pack is under $4 at Sams Club) out of it. They are everywhere downtown when sporting events happen.

Vital Vegas has some updates on the Fremont Street Golden Gate construction, 18 Fremont site demolition and where Vegas Vickie may end up, here. The building billboard next to the ex-Granite Gaming building is for sure NOT one of the ex-dancers that had appeared at Glitter Gulch, not that I’d know I only heard it second hand from someone that went in there and watched someone that could be his grandmother who tried to get him to pony up for a VIP experience and he couldn’t get out quick enough until he completed his mandatory 2nd drink at like $25 bucks. If I remember the quote was “I was so grossed out I couldn’t even drink the 2nd drink, I dumped it in the trash and ran out the door.” Needless to say, that story made me avoid that place like the plague…makes me wonder how many people fell for that?

iHeart Radio Festival Line up and pre-sale start July 25, to the rest of us public it’s the 28th. Read iHeart news here.

MarC of EDGE Vegas via Travelvegas has a pretty good write-up on nearby eats at T-Mobile Arena here. My wife swears from our Park Theater jaunts that the place to eat is the Burger Lounge near the exit of Aria into Monte Carlo. I think I saw her eyes roll back as she nom-nom nommed the food away…do the 1/2 and 1/2 (fries and Onion Rights) sides to decide which you love. She said the burger was fantastic. Check out the menu here. The Lavender Mint Lemonade was oh so good after a long walk from PH…I was just thirsty. Note the hours as it closes at midnight like Cinderella at the Ball.

EATER Vegas has some great pics and video via YouTube on the former Luxor LAX nightclub transformation to an eSports Arena here. Not bad but very specific audience, you think they can get mom and dad to cough up the $$$ to cover a Vegas trip for eSports?

VegasSeven here covers the Otheroom open at Forum Shops at Caesars.

VegasSeven here also covers the upcoming weekend day clubs-pool-Oontz parties and DJs. Sunscreen is a must, no lobster colored meat please unless it’s in the middle of a Filet.

Stiffs and Georges has more on the updates to The Cromwell here, I for one am sad to see they are going to discontinue the physical Concierge. I still have this one blatant issue with the property, prevent your employees from parking their straight pipe chopped Harleys on the top of the parking garage (right below 1/2 of the rooms) and starting it up at 7:30 AM every morning and revving it for 5 minutes just to tick the guests off. If they had done one simple thing this would not have been an issue, expand the hotel out to the side nearest Flamingo instead of just building supports for Drai’s, that would make the garage enclosed….stupid silly design…always ask for a room with a Fountain View. At least you’ll only hear the sirens off the Flamingo Avenue side.

Brunch all week long? You betcha, at Aria’s Buffet, LVWeekly writes it up here. It’s not that costly for one of MGM’s premier resorts either. I actually prefer Brunch at the buffet but since we usually wake up too late for a Breakfast or Brunch we usually settle for Lunch, check out the end time for the Aria’s Brunch though….3 PM! I do believe my wife and I will have to try this out. Probably don’t want to mix the Red Velvet Nutella pancakes with the Sushi pictured though, just saying.

MGM is joining the S and P 500 Index list of companies on July 27, 2017. Read the PRNewswire here. They join Wynn Resorts on the S and P of casino companies on the list. If I remember you have to sort by type and it’s under Consumer Discretionary.

Remember the land that Mama Fertitta’s trust sold to Red Rock Resorts? Well, the Red Rock Resorts investors have launched a legal investigation into that sale (namely the price paid) read here. If you follow that twitter link, that law firm has a crap ton of security class investor suits going on…it’s just mind numbing to read that. There is another firm also doing the same here.

With this PRNewswire I’d say Aliante is now a fully functioning BConnected Slot Club site for Boyd Gaming, read the Scientific Games release here. I missed this one last week so am posting it now….sorry for the delay.

Well, Tropicana Atlantic City is expanding with its purchase of The Chelsea tower, read CPExecutive here, it will be integrated into the existing AC Tropicana resort. Now if Icahn can just finish up the Fontainebleau in LV since it’s not sold yet….rename it like the Lake Tahoe one MontBlue Las Vegas. I still miss the old pre-bankruptcy AZTAR Corporation ownership of the LV Tropicana and the Laughlin Ramada Express (awesome train ride that has since closed up). Columbia-Sussex messed up that whole deal when they bought out AZTAR for $2.1B in 2007. I still remember the ads in SoCal (eventually added the 1-800-GOTOTROP song in the early ’90s)…it was at that time a mid to low end resort, but clean and simple with good drink service and fun atmosphere. If you ever want to see how a Merger can mess up gaming properties this says it all here. Carl Icahn swooped in and bought it all except the Tropicana Las Vegas.

That’s it for the news, and now over to our Editor-In-Chief, Michael Movestro for our recaps and other items!

Hi, folks, I gotta keep this short and sweet as I have to be at my day job very early tomorrow as the company is moving its offices. Movers get there in the afternoon and our 8 hours need to be done by then. So, for this week’s stories click here and look at the top 5 articles. That was easy. Have a great week!

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    Death, taxes and complaining/making fun of/being-in-disbelief-that-it-is-still-a-thing Criss Angel show. I hated it, but can’t imagine Vegas without it. I am sure he will do something unbeLIEvable in his contract negotiations and stick around for a few more years.

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    Unclaimed winning tickets get paid to the state of NV, don’t they? I don’t think it’s a windfall for the Sportsbooks.

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