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white castle transitionAugust 2017.

Hey all, BigAZMarty here with this week’s news about our favorite place, Las Vegas!

This weekend is music-festival-weekend in Las Vegas if you didn’t know.  Life is Beautiful is happening and here is a decent list of the “artists in play” here.  LasVegasNow (Channel 8) has the street closures to complicate things here.  Oh and has the latest NSFW fashion “accessories” for Life is Beautiful via here…What, no guy stuff?  Not to be outdone, new festival artists and street art are here.  And it’s all live streaming from here.

The T-Mobile Arena area will be busy with iHeartRadio Music Festival as well, lineup report by Billboard here.  Look for local listings on CW for telecasts and streaming via and the CW app.

MGM’s new marketing campaign started with the Emmy Awards, notice no Monte Carlo, Park MGM is the replacement name that’s already in use in ads at the end.  Read LVSun here.  Or watch the “Welcome to the Show” ad on YouTube here.  I am betting that Caesars Entertainment is having a serious cow right about now….for years they reigned as one of the biggest Entertainment booking companies in the world.

I was fiddling around on YouTube and came across an interesting find on new signage for the MGM Tram at Mandalay Bay. They’ve changed some of the signage for the Express Tram at Mandalay Bay, watch the video here.  The new sign is at 1:05.  That is the exact same cheat way I’d use from Bellagio to Mandalay Bay and back.  Perhaps this is a sign of things to come?  Or are they getting ready to turn the express tram over to LV Monorail and let them finish up the east side monorail?  Thanks to the LivingInLasVegas YouTube channel for the info.

MGM again in the news, this time they are announcing a new Connecticut casino (no approvals yet, but hey, it’s announced).  This should put MGM properties in MA and CT in like 90 minutes of each other on a light traffic day.  Read LVSun here and here.  It’s like an east coast version of Las Vegas and Laughlin, but just MGM properties.

Interesting read for Nevada’s Gaming and Mary Jane businesses and how the two are not supposed to mix via LVSun here.

Speaking of Mary Jane, up near the Stratosphere over on 1800 Industrial Road will be the first “near the Strip” 24 hour Mary Jane Dispensary (Oasis), read LVRJ here.  Just a reminder, nothing in casinos and you can be arrested for DUI and Public Intoxication if under the influence. So make sure you AirBnB a Mary Jane friendly private residence.

Preliminary construction equipment onsite at Las Vegas Raiders Stadium site, per LVRJ here.  The new thing in the article is there will be caliche blasting (a desert soil that becomes as hard as concrete).  It’s a bitch to work with, and where I live, if you have it where a pool is going you can tack on another $10K for the required jackhammer work.

Looks like the old Smith and Wollensky steakhouse property is NOT going to part of that parcel that was up for sale from Harmon down to Walgreens on the east side of the strip.  Instead, it’s going to be torn down and used for a 4-story 481,400-ft² expansion to Showcase Mall, read LVRJ here for details.

Fiesta Henderson has paid out an almost $10.2M Megabucks jackpot to a gentleman who had just moved from Florida; he plans to spend it on “alcohol, women, and gambling”, the rest of it he’ll waste, read LVRJ here for the best quote of the year.  So kudos to you Roger of Palm Beach, on an awesome quote and have fun with those winnings.  You do know Pahrump has a brothel for sale right?

Yes, I said it; an ENTIRE Brothel is up for sale in Pahrump, The Chicken Ranch. The rumored buyer is Dennis Hof in partnership with the “sex workers” read LVRJ here.  If you need more details read Eater Vegas here.  40 acres is a lot of land out there for only 17 beds.  You could put an entire resort on 40 acres, just not sure if anyone would go there sober and willingly.

Vital Vegas has rumors that the LINQ Promenade will be getting a Zip Line for some overhead screaming.  Read here.  Bet it starts at the High Roller loading platform and ends at The Vortex.  Oh, and remember the LINQ Promenade is not a straight line like SlotZilla at Fremont Street or Rio’s Zip Line ride.

Vital Vegas also has deconstruction updates on Las Vegas Club deconstruction, read and view the video here.  Looks like just the Las Vegas Club facade is left as are the two hotel towers and the back side of the old parking garage.  I like that they have to put a deconstruction dust condom on the back tower for dust protection.  Oh, and I spotted another drone in that video, FAA will have to start managing drone traffic there for safety reasons soon.

MarC of EDGE Vegas via travelvegas has some info on some extended residency shows in Las Vegas, read here.  I’ve seen the Bruno Mars show and it’s a fun show, I recommend NOT getting top section corner seats. For some reason it’s extremely subwooferish up there, you know like this here.

Planet Dailies Cafe at Planet Hollywood is no more, soon to be Cafe Hollywood which if I read this right, will be more in line with the Planet Hollywood name without impinging on the actual Planet Hollywood restaurant that is down at the Forum Shops.  Read Robin via LVRJ here.  I’m there in the opening time frame and will test it out… food review coming soon.

EATER Vegas also reporting Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer to replace B&B Burger & Beer at Venetian, read here.  This along with the two new burger joints in downtown means three new burger places to try….Michael Movestro, you reading this?  New burgers are always good.

EATER Vegas also doing more reporting on the Primrose opening at Monte Carlo – Park MGM here.

Stiffs and Georges (David McKee) has some additional Clark County commissioner insight on what the buyer of Fontainebleau will be needing to do with that property or if it’s all just snake oil [like Resorts World opening dates], read here.  Let’s hope this kick starts the much-needed construction boom between Stratosphere and Wynn.  So far only Lucky Dragon and SLS have opened as re-imaged or new properties, and SLS has changed hands twice already. Rumors of a Lucky Dragon can easily be found on twitter.

Not enough music for you? Missing your Oontz quota for the week? LV Sun via LV Weekly has your Oontz fix for the weekend with the Dayclub/Nightclub lineups here.

LVRJ has a video of the new Bellagio Conservatory Fall display that will be up from now through just after Thanksgiving when it makes way for the Winter Display.  Watch and read here.

That’s it for now…and now over to our Editor-in-Chief, LasVegasJunkie, for our stuff and more.

Gracias, BigAZMarty!

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