Review: Paris – New Burgundy Room (end of the hall version)

BigAZMarty reviews the new Burgundy Room (end of hall version) at Paris Las Vegas.

Hey, all! BigAZMarty here with another new room review, the new Burgundy Room (End of Hallway version) at Paris, Las Vegas so here goes:

After hemming and hawing about needing another quick trip to Las Vegas to accommodate the new Badges (Quest for Rewards) promotion from Total Rewards with my wife, we looked online via her Total Rewards and found, to our surprise, an end of the hallway Burgundy Room at the Paris Las Vegas. We discussed in about 0.5 secs and reserved it. Knowing that while it’s been a long time since we’d stayed at Paris, we actually like the casino floor as my wife has good luck there. So double win, room review, and my wife gambling at a place she likes.

We arrive on a Friday between 7 PM and 8 PM and go to the Valet (she holds Diamond status, so it’s still free, for now). But, the line is a single lane, and it’s like 45 cars long, so we wait about 45 mins and get that car checked in for the weekend. We stroll on into the Diamond Check-In and wait maybe 2 minutes and get our keys….no $20 trick as we want to see what they give us by default. We grab the keys and head up…now mind you we’ve never been to the end of the halls before, so it’s odd to describe. There is a door on the left and right, and it goes into a small hallway that has two additional doors in it…one will be the regular room number, and the other will have the same number but have an added P to the end of it. We had one with the P on the end of it. On the 21st floor in the back wing that overlooks Bally’s and that alley that goes between Paris and Bally’s. So we open the door and into the room with another hallway that goes to the right.

A picture on the wall and a little odd table right at the entrance, we end up using it for the luggage. We head further in, and, well, it’s really nice. All done in white, black, light shades of gray with pops of color (burgundy in the curtains and bed accent pillow as well as gold on the furniture, desk mirror and accent pillow on chair). Two walls with windows which makes it nice and bright during the day. The bed is about as far over as it can go on the short wall between the windows (not sure why they didn’t flip the bed to the long wall, but it works). The upholstered chair and ottoman are in front of the long wall window along with a floor lamp.

Burgundy Room


The entertainment center/safe/fridge/dresser and mirrors are centered on opposite non-windowed wall with a desk to the right.

Burgundy Room

The fridge is free and is NOT a mini-bar which is great since we did a CVS run and brought some water back to the room for the weekend. The TV is HDTV Panasonic probably a 42 to 50″ screen with the custom channel guides that started at Caesars and The Cromwell and have expanded as the properties get redone. The other odd thing is the main room desk has no open electrical sockets available to it, the desk lamp did not have any pass-through electrical sockets like the bed table lamps do, and the other socket was used for the desk phone for the USB charging cables. If you had a tablets/cell phones the USB charging cables would come in handy that did come out of the phone. If PC makers can get to USB-C for charging that would work in the future….but my wife had her work Surface that needed a regular plug due to the custom charging ports on it. She also used the long mirror on the right side entertainment system door to do her makeup from the desk chair. The bed is up higher so they’ve redone the mattresses with a fairly thick one or added in a thick topper and it was very easy to sleep on. They put up five pillows for bed use, three of those smaller than normal ones and two of regular king size. We used the King ones the whole time and slept like babies.

On the other non-window wall is an entrance to the bathroom but it has a foyer type entrance with another closet on one side and on the other a pedestal with another phone on it.

Burgundy Room

The pedestal/phone thing we didn’t get as the chairs are too far away to use and there was another “shat phone” in the bathroom. We felt that space could have been used better for a makeup counter desk. Further in the bathroom is a long layout, to the left is the long counter with a single sink and the coffee maker and a red painted mirror then a short wall and the Toto toilet behind that short wall. At issue here was the makeup mirror was mounted too high to be any good and my wife is 5′ 6″ so really needed to be 6″ or so to get a good look in the makeup mirror. To the right is the same old short bathtub, but looks like they’ve taken out that wall separator to the shower stall and expanded the shower by at least a foot. It’s nice sized now. My wife was a little depressed they didn’t put a new tub in (it’s still redonculously short, so much so you might get your hiney wet and maybe up to your belly button but that’s about it unless you lay flat on your back in it). Water pressure is still weak in the shower, or they had some serious muzzles on the shower heads as well….this is what I think as the sink and the Toto toilet were full pressure.

Our window views were up the alley between the Paris and Bally’s to the west with a partial view of the Bellagio and lake with fountains, The Cromwell, parts of the Grand Bazaar Shops and the Flamingo. Out the bedside windows, it was the Indigo tower of Bally’s and further east including the north side of the parking garage.

After scoping it all out and getting unpacked, I took some shots included and then ordered some room service as we were starved, but the line for the buffet and other eateries downstairs were relatively long. It took an hour to get delivered, but we were pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Everything was done just right and tasted on par or better than we’d had at Mandalay Bay, Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood. After that, we headed down and enjoyed a great weekend. Oh and BTW The Paris Casino also has one of the best free lounge acts around and gets the place jumping, and it has a dance floor that people were actually dancing on!!! The weird thing is Caesars isn’t really publishing out the acts at all, and if you weren’t in the casino, you’d not know it existed. And no it’s not the Napoleon Lounge with the dueling piano’s…this is up near the Total Rewards desk. I think it fed the Chateau line as well and served as a sort of pre-party place to have some fun before Chateau opened up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many little black sheath dresses either except at the line for Omnia at Caesars or the old XS at Wynn…surprising because one floor of Chateau is open air garden and it was down into the 40’s outside at night.

Oh and please note that the call to housekeeping trick we used at Planet Hollywood seems to be the norm at Paris now, you will get a blinking light on your phone at check in…the message will be to call Housekeeping when you leave your room for the day for maid service. It seems they are no longer just coming into the rooms anymore without you saying it’s ready. We actually like that, so it works for us.

It seems that the renovations are actually improving the flow of customers as this was one of the busiest we’ve seen the Paris Casino floor in a long, long time. And, it seems to be trickling over to the Bally’s floor as well as there were no empty tables at all most of the weekend at either place. This, with the central location, my wife said for sure she’d book that room again and to remember it for future use. That and the royal she hit again there on the same progressive bank as last 4th of July, I think she’s looking hard at that as well.

An excellent room remodel with some little things to improve on (usable electrical sockets for the desk, put a makeup desk in that bathroom foyer since the makeup mirror mounted in the bathroom is too high, swap out the tub for a deep soaker). Maybe even next time put in a double sink?

One last thing to note, as we walked down the hallway some of the base rooms seemed to be done up in a similar fashion but with blue accented curtains instead and in some, there were taller chairs up against the single windows where space allowed (usually the King rooms).

[Photos and Cover: BigAZMarty]

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  1. Marty, my opinion on the tub…shouldn’t have um in the rooms, really! How many people use them? Just have a shower!, a walk in shower!

  2. Thanks for the review it looks like a pretty cool room.

  3. I actually love the tubs for soaking in at the end of the day (especially my feet which are usually sore after a day of walking around the Strip).

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