A Look at Planet Hollywood’s Renovated Floors

Gennadius Shows Us Planet Hollywood’s Renovated Halls and Ultra Hip Rooms

I’m in Vegas 3-5 times a year usually, and I usually stay at Planet Hollywood for a number of reasons. Originally, back when it was Aladdin, it was because of the great location at the center of the strip, and the dirt cheap prices at the time. These days, the location is still great, arguably even better than in the past, and as Planet Hollywood, it gained a much nicer casino that is high energy, set a precedent with their “Pleasure Pit” themed gambling areas, and got a whole new look and vibe. Beyond those items, I have developed some good relationships with staff that works there or at Caesars Entertainment in general, so it is great to be able to see them on a regular basis.

The rooms at Aladdin were ok, but when it became PH, they received a nice makeover and ended up with a sleek (for the time) look that was themed with classic and popular movies. There have been quite a few articles within the past year and a half where we at Vegas Bright have covered some of the hotel aspects of Planet Hollywood. This includes a couple of articles by me where we reviewed some of what you experience when you arrive as a guest at PH, as well an article where we first described some of the room updates, which included some bonus pictures from Vegas Bright reader, Peachiekeehn.  Additionally, we have some articles by BigAzMarty, like this one which reviews the PH Strip View Suite, or this one covering his stay in a PH Resort Vista Room.

The renovations at Planet Hollywood have been going on for over a year now, and as of last November, they were down to the 24th and 23rd floors, after starting at the top (39). I assume by now, February, they are down to about the 20th floor, which should be good as they will finally be renovating some of the resort rooms that I normally stay in! While we shared a few pictures and renders of the renovated rooms in the previous room updates article, my last trip I was able to stay in a room for a night and thought I would share some observations and pictures from not just the room, but from the floor as a whole.

The other end of the elevator area.

Immediately upon exiting onto a renovated floor, one can see that the work encompasses not just the rooms themselves, but the entire floor. It really was quite a shock to see. First, all the elevator doors are covered with an image of Jennifer Lopez, who has a residency at Planet Hollywood. Before, the only elevators that had any images on them were on the lobby and casino levels, and they were covered in the past with Holly Madison and other Peepshow dancers, and currently with Britney Spears in various outfits and poses. All other floors had a simple gold elevator door. Another notable element, which can be seen in the cover image for this article, is that the floor number is now prominently displayed at the entrance to the hall from the elevator area. Previously, this was only on the sides of the elevator doorways themselves.

The area that the elevators open out to also shows the other big difference I noticed and that is how bright, and sleek everything looked. The older look was heavy on burgundy and dark purple colors in the halls, with relatively dim lighting and a dark floor. As you can see in the above images, the carpet is now very bright, with large splashes of silver and gray near the elevator, and different and varied patterns of brighter and darker colors in the hallway itself. It should be noted that the elevators themselves have not received any love yet. I assume they will be one of the last things to be touched unless maintenance dictates otherwise.

View down the hall from the elevator area.

The hallway walls have had the old dark and textured wallpaper covering stripped, and are all freshly painted in a light color with white trim. Light fixtures have all been replaced with brand new versions, and the lights that are installed are much brighter, lending a very clean and modern feel to the entire length of the hall. The ceiling has also received a once over, keeping it in line with all the other changes.

The bright areas around the updated room doors.

Every set interval down the hall, between adjacent rooms, there is an accent light panel that adds additional lighting and slightly different color to the hallway environment. They contain partial images of art of some kind I believe, but I haven’t looked at enough of them to be sure. The numbers for each room are brand new, and the door has been repainted black, along with the general frame around each entryway. The overall pattern keeps the hallway itself bright with an airy feeling, while the doors to the rooms themselves are essentially accentuated by being the dark areas. I found it to be very pleasing, and a very nice update from the old décor that they have been using.

The entry way to the renovated room.

This was a standard Ultra Hip room, which clocks in at 430 square feet on average. The changes that were true on the floor overall are found consistently within the room as well. The carpet is much brighter, the old gold and beige wallpaper has been stripped and is replaced with a fresh coat of clean white paint. The lights are brighter overall, and the movie theming has been removed and replaced with what I am assuming is some contemporary art and imagery.

A view of the beds and the overall look of the room.

The beds are new, headboards have been replaced, new sheets and pillows, as well as the addition of two little throw pillows on each bed. All the fixtures are new, lamps are all modern and bright, and most of them have outlets and USB ports available on them. There was a new alarm clock which has two USB chargers and streams via Bluetooth.

The new TV and armoire.

The room also has a new flat screen TV and what appears to be a larger armoire compared to the rooms pre-renovation. The big storage areas underneath the TV contained multiple sets of drawers, some other storage space, and the in-room refrigerator. Beyond those updates, there are also new curtains and an in-room coffee maker that is provided with the table and seating area with two chairs. I believe that some of the final elements for the rooms are still being settled, so some of these details may change in the future, or may even vary from room to room.

My stay on this floor and in this room was short, one night and part of two days since I needed the space of the larger resort rooms which were not renovated yet at the time. I was very happy with the time on that floor, and I appreciated the diamond desk being able to get me into one of the new rooms for that night. Overall the changes both in the room and on the floor are very successful in bringing a new, bright, and modern feel to the property, and I believe that will continue to roll out to all the other parts of the property beyond the rooms eventually. In the meantime, if you get a chance to stay on a renovated floor, I recommend you do it and see the updates in person.

The view of the Bellagio fountains from the renovated room.


[Photos: Gennadius]

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A former VegasChatter contributor, gennadius is a regular visitor to the Las Vegas area. Some areas of interest include aviation, sports (gambling, watching, participating), blackjack, craps, and science fiction. When in Vegas, gennadius can be found looking for good food, spending time at the clubs, hanging out at the tables, and watching games with friends.

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  1. Nice Pics. Thx for sharing. I can’t wait to get one of these rooms. I always liked staying at the PH. Even more so now since they have renovated some of the rooms.

    • Thank you for reading! I hope it was useful. I will be back there in a week, so I hope t be able to find out if they have started renovating some of the larger rooms and suites, and will get an update on how far they have renovated.

      I am assuming they will be down to about floor 20 or 19, after starting at 39, so they are most likely over half-way done, since the rooms only go down to the 6th floor anyway.

  2. Always wanted to stay here. Gives me even more incentive. GREAT pics

    • gennadius | March 8, 2017 at 4:06 pm |

      Thanks for continuing to read! I hope you get to check it out soon, it’s a fun hotel and casino. Hopefully I’ll come back after next week with some more pics and another review that will be helpful in convincing you to check them out! :-)

  3. FamilyOnABudget | March 14, 2017 at 3:11 pm |

    We stayed in a similar room in January. I liked the room for the most part, but I found that the lighting in the bathroom totally sucks. Your picture also shows how bad it is. Why they need to highlight the towels underneath the sink with bright lights yet not provide usable lighting in the mirror was beyond me. I certainly don’t enjoy putting on makeup in the dark and won’t be coming back until they swap out those useless nightlights.

    • Hi, I should have addressed this in the article, but it completely slipped my mind at the time. In one of the previous articles that I reference in my second paragraph (“first described some of the room updates” above), you can see the original pics that reader Peachiekeehn submitted to us where the bathroom has the lights working correctly. When I stayed there and took those pictures, I did mention it to the front desk, and they stated that it was a maintenance issue and that those lights either needed to be replaced or the fixture needed to be fixed. I was only in the room for that one night, as I was moving to a Resort Room the next day, so I completely forgot to take another picture after maintenance had been there.

      Rest assured, it should not be that dim! I am currently staying in a renovated Resort Room, so I will have a review of it when I am finished with this trip, but you should know that both vanities in the over-sized bathroom have a different light fixture than the ones in the pictures, and they are extremely bright!

      Hope this helps, and gives you comfort that the next time you will have a fully lit vanity area when you stay in a PH renovated room!

  4. I just booked a renovated Resort Room for April! Cannot wait to hear your review! We have never stayed at Planet Hollywood and wanted to try somewhere different. Only Caesar property one of us has not stayed at!
    Arriving after 8:00 PM on a Friday and I am scared of the crowds checking in. Not Diamond any more.

    • Hi Cynthia! I’ll definitely try to get that review up ASAP so you can get a feel for where you will be staying. I am very happy with the changes they have made. If you haven’t stayed here before, it will still impress you just in terms of how modern and sleek the design is. You can look at the two previous articles that I linked in my second paragraph of this article to see what a pre-renovation Resort Room looks like. In fact, in my upcoming review, perhaps I will include a couple of those old pics for comparison.

      Regarding checking in, they have installed a bunch of self-service kiosks just yesterday, so hopefully that will lessen the wait times. Additionally, if you still have Platinum status, there is a dedicated area of the front desk off to the right that is reserved for that tier. I also point that out in one of those previous articles! :-)

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