Greg C: The Year in Pictures

Greg C reflects on the year in Vegas with “2016 in Pictures”

Say goodbye to 3 downtown venues: Mermaids, La Bayou (already demolished) and Glitter Gulch. Plus, adios to the long-abandoned Golden Palm (down by Trop and the I-15)

Riviera implosion 1: Monaco tower.

Three video still images of the Monaco Tower at Riviera going down.

Views of the South and Monte Carlo towers of Riviera before the boom.

Video stills of the south tower/façade going down.

Stills of Riviera’s Monte Carlo tower going down from a standard definition camera

Caesars hits 50 and Lucky Dragon opens.

More hellos: New tower at McCarran and the new garage for T-Mobile Arena (thank you MGM for those parking fees).

The downtown Fremont East district continues to attract the locals and hipsters. Project Life Cube was a success with the climactic big burn!

Fremont Street Experience did its music thing with the free concerts again. Joan Jett being the big one in May, but the crowd control issue at this event prevented it from being a real success. My camera got a good look at Joan, but my eyes only saw a distant figure. Too many people jostling around to watch, listen and enjoy. It would have been much better if they did it over at the D’s outdoor event center rather than on the 3rd Street stage.

And who could forget some really big hellos this year? T-Mobile Arena, The Park and The Park Theater.

[Photos: Photos by Greg C]

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Greg C
Vegas resident and former VegasChatter cameraman. Enjoys Vegas history and driving around town taking photos of the ever-changing cityscape. Also a fan of the desert and mountains--here in Nevada and the entire Southwest.

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  1. Great pics, thanks! I would love to see some pics on how the progress is coming along Downtown. I am wondering if the construction on La Bayou, Mermaids, and Glitter Gulch is impeding the Freemont Experience in any way?

    • Last time I checked that area, the demolished La Bayou area was simply blocked off by a screen with Golden Gate advertising on it. You can expect that zone to be developed in some way to connect with the Golden Gate. The Mermaids and Glitter Gulch properties are simply closed/locked down, but still have their neon displays functioning. No apparent work going on there yet–ditto with the shuttered Las Vegas Club. Expect that to change soon in 2017……….

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