Vegas Bright Looks Back: Most Memorable Moments of 2016

Most Memorable Moments

Vegas Bright writers look back on the year and give their picks for the Most Memorable Moment of 2016

Editor’s note: We’ve asked our writers and contributors for their opinions on the best/worst and noteworthy of all things Vegas for 2016 if they had time. Unlike other sites, a list of options to choose from was not given. Instead, a list of categories was presented letting our staff write their answers freely. With that, here are their answers for Most Memorable Moments of 2016

Vegas Energy! You know that moment when you’ve arrived in Vegas, checked into your room and are ready to head out and see where the evening takes you? That feeling, to me, is the most memorable moment. It’s when I feel I am in exactly the right place at the right time. -Michele Di Palma

Elton John- This was just an amazing show and performance by a living legend. I’m glad I will always be able to say I saw him perform. -Fisherman

The Implosion of The Riviera -Matty Ice

The closing of Mermaids, La Bayou, and Glitter Gulch. They may have been sketchy but they were loved.  I just pray that whatever goes in on that block is something awesome. -Blonde4ever

Glitter Gulch

Mermaids and their Deep Fried Twinkies will be gone by late-June.

Implosions of the Riviera. Although it was long in the tooth and rode hard and put away wet…it was still the Riviera. -BigAzMarty

Feeling the shock wave as the final towers of Riviera Hotel came crashing down. Riviera was much more than “just a building.” Classic Vegas died on August 16, 2016. -Sammasseur

By far the two-part Riviera implosion. First, the amazing “in-your-face” fireworks display I watched from the 29th floor open balcony at Westgate for the Monaco tower blast in June.  Second, the stunning double-implosion of the Monte Carlo and South towers in August. While impressive, it was (in my opinion) a waste of Vegas history. One of the last great displays of neon glory is gone–while in the background, the unfinished hulk of the massive Fontainebleau stands dark and empty. Too bad the LVCVA didn’t buy that blue monster years ago and rid us of its unwanted presence. -Greg C

The way that a new football stadium got ram-rodded through the approval process. Now, I am a big sports fan, and where I live in Milwaukee, our government approved a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks (replacing an arena that is less than 30 years old). During that process, there was a significant amount of discussion that public spending of sports venues won’t bring in enough revenue to cover the municipal costs. Many other cities are banging their heads against the walls trying to save their sports teams, even when public money is made available (sorry, St. Louis). Meanwhile, plans for a Las Vegas stadium to lure the Oakland Raiders into the desert slid through county and state government like no amount of Crisco was spared. -Michael James

Riding the Slotzilla Zipline – A great experience that I recommend for everyone. I got to see some really unique views of Freemont street, and had a little adrenaline rush to go with it! -Gennadius

In the ready position, bags attached, and waiting to go

Vegas joining the big 4 sports leagues. Can’t wait to see what the Knights will bring to the Strip on game nights. -Kelly Lamrock

Being there for Opening Day of T-Mobile Arena. I love Las Vegas, it’s my adopted city even though I don’t live there. To be there for a historic event and walking through those doors…it’s a moment I will never forget. -Michael Movestro

[Photos: Michael James, Gennadius | Video: Greg C]

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  1. How could you NOT mention the ending of the JERSEY BOYS? By far the best, most affordable show in VEGAS!

  2. Michelle nails again along with her older article re: the excitment of arriving at the airport

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