Vegas Bright Looks Back: Most Improved of 2016

Vegas Bright writers look back on the year and give their picks for the Most Improved Restaurant/Show/Resort of 2016

Editor’s note: We’ve asked our writers and contributors for their opinions on the best/worst and noteworthy of all things Vegas for 2016 if they had time. Unlike other sites, a list of options to choose from was not given. Instead, a list of categories was presented letting our staff write their answers freely. With that, here are their answers for Vegas’ Most Improved Show/Restaurant/Resort of 2016.

Wynn-I used to find the staff at The Wynn to be pretentious and unfriendly. This year, every employee I encountered was warm and helpful. They have raised the bar for service at other resorts. -Michele Di Palma

New York-New York (Park)– the opening of the Park really added a lot of good food and drink options at New York-New York which are all close together. -Fisherman

The Park

The Plaza continues to improve with every passing year. The new pool area is fantastic and stays open year round. -Blonde4ever

Mandalay Bay. The revamped Standard Resort King Rooms were perfect for a couple to enjoy and have a really good time. A lot of square footage to explore and it is also attached via the shops to Luxor and Excalibur. -BigAzMarty

Mandalay Bay

Beatles LOVE at Mirage. A risky retooling of a beloved show can sometimes backfire (see Jubilee!). But in the case of LOVE, it became even more moving and dazzling. That’s an achievement. -Sammasseur

Vinnie Favorito. With the very public issues that he had while at the Flamingo, the fact that he is still kicking around Las Vegas while about eleventy-six shows have closed in 2016 speaks volumes -Michael James

The Linq Promenade – While there has been a decent amount of turnover in the tenants since it originally opened, I think they continue to refine their offerings and make things better. This year, the changes have been quite good, including Gordon Ramsay’s Fish and Chips and Amorino Gelato right across the way. -Gennadius

It was always good, but props to David Copperfield for taking risks and updating his show with a story and new effects. -Kelly Lamrock

[Photos: BigAzMarty, Michael Movestro]

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  1. Umm, not to be rude or mean but how much is eleventy-six (Vinnie Favorito comment)?

  2. Vinnie is always a good time.Havent seen the park but it has to be as good as the linq. lots of turn over yes but they will get it right soon. not sure how right with virgils though zzzz

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