Breaking: MGM Resorts Pay to Park Kiosks Arrive at NYNY Garage

The MGM Resorts Pay to Park Kiosks, which will eventually charge us all, have arrived. Our tipster paperposter spotted them at the NYNY. He provided these shots (above and below).

MGM Resorts Pay to Park Kiosks

Ready for unboxing…

MGM Resorts Pay to Park Kiosks

Unboxed, still being installed

MGM Resorts Pay to Park Kiosks

A closed-off area for installation

It’s been reported here at VegasBright and just about everywhere else, that MGM Resorts will charge for parking at their strip properties (except Circus Circus).

With a blurry shadowy look at these pay stations from the images, they look like the Sentry Control kiosk model, center in the below image:


Paperposter put it best when he said:

“It will be a clusterfuck”

And, he is right.

[Images: Paperposter, Skidata]

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11 Comments on "Breaking: MGM Resorts Pay to Park Kiosks Arrive at NYNY Garage"

  1. Ugghhhh. This is so depressing. Going to send to my husband now and I know he is not going to be thrilled either. This is going to stop my casino hopping SO much. Just bad, just BAD!

    • Hundley Fan | March 2, 2016 at 12:06 pm |

      I agree! My next trip is in early May, and I probably will not step foot in an MGM resorts casino.

      • Would love to know how it works out for you or others once the fees are in place. It’s only bad for the consumer because it will stop my husband and I from going to a day party or night club, going to see a show or dining out. We will have to say hmmmm lets think. Do we pay 30 bucks a day to casino hop or just walk and/ monorail it. Never took the bus but they seem so slow. Only took the monorail once in my 6 years to Vegas.

  2. Just hold off until April 13, MGM. I’ve got doin’s at Mandalay Bay and Bellagio in the days before that.

  3. These look like the ones my local mall and Target has where you pay before you leave inside the casino. If so hopefully it doesn’t cause much of hold up to get out.

    • juan valdez | March 2, 2016 at 11:06 am |

      it will be a nitemare there , it is already is without it

      • Take into consideration folks that are probably feeling a little inebriated though they should not be driving or folks who just have no common sense at all and cant figure out the new system. FUN times ahead

  4. take a rare earth magnet, wrap it in a sock so you can get it loose after you scramble the kiosks brains. If it fails in the beginning they may reconsider quickly, instead of waiting for the accounting of how much they lost in revenue compared to what they gain from parking.

  5. The saddest part is that stupid people will still continue to give MGM Resorts their hard earned money, even after they nickel and dime everybody to death. If people would stop staying at MGM Resorts….these pay kiosks would be gone in a matter of weeks!

  6. in every other city the nice hotels charge hefty prices for parking. I’ve always liked that Vegas is free. I’m guessing it will still be a comp for players.

  7. With the resort fees they charge I’ve never felt that parking was “free” anyway. This is the proverbial insult to injury. We always get a car because we like doing other things like hiking in Red Rock & Valley of Fire, etc. Looks like it’s time to start looking for off Strip venues ~

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