Dead Dragon? Not so!

The Lucky Dragon Las Vegas

The Lucky Dragon may just take flight after all. We recently ran a story of news we learned from this article at VegasInc where the City of Las Vegas declined to help fund the Lucky Dragon project. It seems as though the funds may not have been as “dried up” as what was claimed. In fact, construction has picked up again at a rapid pace.


Here’s what our photographer extraordinaire Greg C had to say:

 Construction is moving along furiously for a place that is supposed to be out of funds…..  the casino superstructure is going up and the tower still filling in……  a lot of workers on site.  These guys don’t work for free, so the money is still there as of today (Tuesday Dec 8th)-Greg C

Construct3 Construct7

So we wonder, are they making use of what’s left? Was there really financial trouble? Were they perhaps looking to ‘raid the city coffers’ after all to offset some costs? If I can ask one question, it would be “WTF happened?” Either way, if this means I can go back to being excited for new dip sum in August, I’m back on that wagon.

See the rest of the photos in the gallery:

[Images: Greg C]


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