New Circus Circus Waterslide Ready to Make a Splash

New Circus Circus Waterslide

Our Eye in The Sky heads down for a closer look at the new Circus Circus Waterslide

Summer is right around the corner and MGM International wasted no time in constructing the new Circus Circus Waterslide. Last we looked, construction was in full swing, and now just a few weeks later it looks like the Circus Circus Waterslide is ready for some fun in the sun. Our “Eye in the Sky” Sean from Sky Las Vegas descended down from on-high to get a closer look. The food truck is in place, signs are up, the slides are complete… this thing looks ready to go!

The renovation of the area includes not just the waterslide, but also a large deck and restrooms. Most Summer Pool parties have begun in March of this year, with more on the way. The Waterslide is a nice addition to Circus Circus, if you’re into waterslides, or into Circus Circus. The waterslide and the steakhouse are probably the two best things it has going for it. I wouldn’t know, I haven’t set foot in the resort since 2011. *shrugs*

[Photos: Sean at Sky Las Vegas]

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