Vegas Bright Looks Back: The Best Vegas Bargains of 2016

Best Vegas Bargains

Vegas Bright writers look back on the year and give their picks for the Best Bargains of 2016

Editor’s note: We’ve asked our writers and contributors for their opinions on the best/worst and noteworthy of all things Vegas for 2016 if they had time. Unlike other sites, a list of options to choose from was not given. Instead, a list of categories was presented letting our staff write their answers freely. With that, here are their answers for the Best Vegas Bargains of 2016.

Happy Hour at Trevi in The Forum Shops. The baked cheese appetizer and a cosmo make the perfect late lunch. And, the setting is excellent for people watching. -Michele Di Palma

As always Downtown. The rooms, the food, the comps, everything, is better and cheaper Downtown! -Blonde4ever

Battista’s Hole in the Wall. If you ever talk to me about a trip to Vegas, you will hear me recommend this old school Italian restaurant. Although it’s technically off the strip, it’s only a ten-minute walk from the Cromwell. Where else can you get a kick ass meal, salad, bread, cappuccino, and all you can drink wine for $30! -Fisherman

Happy Hour at Skyfall Lounge -Matty Ice

Downtown Las Vegas hotels not named Golden Nugget or Downtown Grand.  These are some of the lowest priced and gambler friendly places in Las Vegas where you can move around and enjoy the atmosphere of classic Vegas. -BigAzMarty

Cafe 6 at Palms Place. Reasonable prices, delicious gourmet burgers, excellent poolside location and stellar service. Keep your eye open for frequent Groupons. Runner-up: Asian “foot spas” all over town. $20 for a full-body massage? Yes, please. -Sammasseur

Tacos El Gordo across the street from Encore.  Based on about two hours of play in one visit in April, I was comp’d a suite at Encore for my November visit.  Now, be being a downtown guy, an Encore suite was way outside of my comfort zone; I had clearly outkicked my coverage.  So on my last night (after my buddies had left and I had one more night to kill) I had my choice of any restaurant in town.  I stood at the window overlooking the north Strip and realized that I could get a sack full of tacos to eat in my room for the same cost as if I would just try to look at a menu in an Encore restaurant.  So I went across the street, bought four Adobado tacos for about $11, then ran back across the street and was munching them in my suite while they were still hot.  Try to find any other $11 meal at Encore.  Can’t do it. -Michael James

Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood. There is a lot of good food in Las Vegas, and the best buffet is probably Bacchanal Buffet at their sister property, Caesars Palace. Still, the quality and amount of selection are pretty impressive at Spice Market, and when one factors in the price compared to the most expensive buffets, then this really does come off as a great bargain. -Gennadius

Excalibur, bless them, is trying. Live music in multiple lounges, a nice buffet revamp, good service, old-school on comp drinks. More fun that you’d think.  -Kelly Lamrock

Oyster Bar restaurant at the Orleans. Take it from a local -Paperposter

[Photos: Blonde4ever, Sammasseur, Greg C]

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  1. Bonnie your right! There is no place better than Downtown!

  2. While I hate to say it, the best bargains are CVS and Walgreens on every corner. I can finally buy a bottle of water for a dollar without having to support the bridge vendors. But, at the same time, I wish CVS and Walgreens was not on every damn corner.

  3. This Battista’s Hole in the Wall..even my scooter shuttle driver plugged this place. How is the food though? Yes good deal but is the food like the box spaghetti I make at home?

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