Checking In: T-Mobile Arena and The Park

T-Mobile Arena and The Park

The T-Mobile Arena is gorgeous. I mean, just look at it! Our tipster paperposter got shots of the T-Mobile Arena getting some cosmetic love, yesterday.

T-Mobile Arena and The Park

Progress has definitely made leaps and bounds over the last few months ramping up to its April 6th opening, just two days after The Park opens. Speaking of The Park, pape also sent these in:

T-Mobile Arena and The Park

Just beyond the tulips…or whatever they’re called, a structure is revealed.

T-Mobile Arena and The Park

Possible restaurant? Most likely.

We think this might be one of the new restaurants, but not sure which one.

[Images: Paperposter]

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5 Comments on "Checking In: T-Mobile Arena and The Park"

  1. I hope they have The Park opened up so you can walk through it prior to the opening. I’ll be there the weekend before it’s ‘grand opening’.

  2. Possible restaurant?

    it is part of the new resturant block being built on the park

  3. Pretty cool. To think there are things in Vegas that never get completed like the North end of the strip I love that there are others that are being built very before our eyes. Is the CVS open at TI yet? One things about Vegas it’s always changing and I can appreciate that.

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