Strip Bits: Uber and Lyft Signs Are Popping Up Everywhere

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With Uber and Lyft recently receiving authorization from Nevada’s Transportation Board, signs are popping up. Our informant paperposter got this shot at Vdara:


Although, Clark County still has not authorized Uber and Lyft’s business licenses for the whole county (like at airports) the ride-hailing start-ups have gone to work right away. Clark County Commissioners maintain that county ordinances differ from that of the state; Uber and Lyft are not legally permitted to operate in all of Clark County until a law is passed in coming weeks. As a result, Uber/Lyft drivers are stirring trouble, receiving various fines at McCarran airport.

Despite local cab driver’s protests, it’s just a matter of time before Uber and Lyft become part of Las Vegas’ fabric of traffic.

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    Yikes! You may want to fix the typo in the second paragraph. You left the “o” out of County!

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