Vegas on Two Wheels: Hogs & Heifers

Las Vegas is a melting pot of culture, from jaw dropping, show stopping performances to local festivals and down-home dive bars. We live in one of the most thrilling and exciting cities in the country, and I will be highlighting places to go and experience that this town of neon has to offer… but with a twist.  Most of us hit the town using four wheels, cars, trucks, SUV’s, RVs, or busses, but I don’t roll that way! It’s about time that we show off Las Vegas on two!  This is, Las Vegas on two wheels!

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a live-or-die rider, Las Vegas is a town that seems almost made for the biker! From long haul scenic rides to killer biker bars, Las Vegas has it all and what better way to start our two-wheeled journey than with a stop at one of the wildest biker bars in town!


Hogs & Heifers Saloon on 3rd Street just behind the canopy of Fremont Street is a riders’ MUST-STOP in Las Vegas; whether you’re a local or just visiting.

Hogs and Heifers started in New York City in the early 90’s and was created by Allan Dell and his two friends. With financial help from Allen’s father and Tom McNeil, who would help lift the bar off its feet. McNeil owned a bar already on Manhattan’s East Side called the Village Idiot. Allen and his pals were having drinks trying to figure out a name for their new bar at the Village Idiot and knew they wanted something to do with motorcycles and women. On the wall above the bar, there was a sign for the Heifer Auction, (a heifer referring to a cow that has not yet been bred, essentially a virgin cow). So the name, Hogs & Heifers was born and since then they built one more bar right here in Las Vegas.

This place is an all-American, Country, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Southern dive bar that reminds me of the times I would spend over at the Cabbage Patch or Iron Horse in Daytona Beach, FL during Bike Week or Biketober Fest. But what sets this bar apart, besides the donated decor in the form of bras dangling from the ceiling, and the loud country or southern rock ‘n’roll blaring from the jukebox is the Hogs and Heifers bartenders!


These ladies are no-holds-barred, tough, sexy and make the Coyote Ugly gals look like girl scouts!  Four things these ladies do well: one, putting their cowboy boots to work by dancing on the bar top; two, speaking their unfiltered minds via megaphone; three, pouring shots and four, keeping the party going all night long!


This saloon is a good time all the way around for adults. The crowd is diverse thanks to being so close to Fremont. From out of towners to locals the bar sees its fair share different types of people and the advantage to riding your hog there is the free parking right out front! I even left my helmet and Bluetooth set on my bike for hours so no need to lug around your gear.


This bar is crass but full of southern hospitably and comfort. It’s a stop you HAVE to make while riding in Vegas.

[Image credit: Greg Bennett]

About the Author

Greg Bennett
Greg Bennett is the morning meteorologist on KTNV's Good Morning Las Vegas newscast. He is an avid Harley rider but also is a huge classic car fan and loves to work on both. In his free time, you can catch Greg riding his bike around town, working out at the gym, hanging out with his Pit Bull (DewPoint), or getting his hands dirty by volunteering across the city of Las Vegas.