Getting to Know: Alex Cocilova, New Contributing Writer

“Getting to Know” is our series where we introduce new writers, contributors and familiar plus noteworthy Vegas residents to Vegas Bright. Today we introduce new contributing writer Alex Cocilova. A former editor at PC World, Alex is happy to be here at Vegas Bright. We all look forward to his future words and works. For now we turn things over to Alex Cocilova.

Vegas Resident or Visitor:

Frequent visitor, but not frequent enough (usually every 6-9 months).

Big in video games (mainly PC), tech, Craps, NASCAR (and lightly on other motorsports) and, of course, Vegas.

Do we know you from somewhere?
I had a few-year stint as a writer/editor at PCWorld, mainly covering PC reviews, games, and stupid/fun list articles.

What kind of topics would you write about?
Fun stuff. I love the hard-hitting news as much as the next guy, but as a tourist I can only cover the more fun stuff (i.e. Best X for Y, Best methods for ditching the Debbie Downer you accidentally invited, Gut Busters on a budget, etc.)

Gamble much?
I don’t tout the biggest bankroll, but I roll the bones and hit some blackjack as much as I can. Trying to get more into video poker. I’m a big fan of the “You Can Bet on That” gambling podcast.

Club much?
I’d be more likely to trip on one of my two left feet and tackle a cocktail waitress than show off an impressive move. In short: no.

See shows much?
As much as time and budget will allow. LOVE has been my only big show, but we have plans to see another Cirque show in a few weeks. Have my eye on Absinthe and Penn and Teller, and I know my wife wouldn’t complain about a Britney trip.

Wine and Dine much?
We’re a sucker for a good deal but will take one meal to try something nicer. We spend the rest of the vacation budget bar hopping.

Spa much?
Only once. It was really nice, and a massage is exactly what I needed for a hot Strip walk, but it took up a lot of time.

Favorite Things

Favorite Hotel/Casino:
Strip: Cosmo, Downtown: The D

Favorite dining spot:
Probably Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR, but we have plans to try his Steak at Paris in a couple weeks, and I have a feeling that will blow it away. A trip to the Wicked Spoon or Spice Market Buffet usually makes it to the list as well.

Favorite eating spot (we feel there’s a difference between eating and dining)?
We love a cheap bite at Pizza Rock, Earl of Sandwich, The Park (on Fremont) and Triple George as well as a late-night drunk stop at Chicago Brewing Company in the 4 Queens.

Favorite drinking spot?
Chandelier Bar (Cosmo) or Long Bar (The D), but we have plans to do a vaster bar crawl next trip to try some new spots. Honorable mention to the late Drink & Drag (Neonopolis) where most of my good Vegas stories started.

Favorite off-the-strip spot?
Currently Rio, but I plan to take a first trip to Ellis Island soon. I imagine that will take it.

Favorite Downtown spot?
Any low limit Craps table or active/cheap bar.

Favorite Club?
Not my scene.

Favorite activities?
People-watching, gambling, drinking, looking for deals, more obscure tourist attractions (the Neon Museum is great!).

Things in Vegas you WON’T do again:
Eat at a chain restaurant I can get at home, talk to a timeshare salesman, bring a group larger than 4 people, drive in late and stay out all night to avoid paying for a room one extra night (the fight to get from 4 a.m. to check in around 11 a.m. is brutal), and drink more than one of those sugary, frozen slushie concoctions.

Things in Vegas you WOULD do again:
The bar pod of the High Roller, visit the Neon Museum, bar crawl Fremont East, reputable buffets (preferably ones that have free beer and wine), Happy Hour at Level 107 at the Strat. Plenty more

Favorite Vegas memory:
Breaking my drunk/passed out buddy out of the 4 Queens bathroom before security could get to him.

Worst Vegas memory:
Trying to corral a group of 7 or 8 people who all wanted to do different things but never spoke up. I was an unpaid tour guide.

That thing you mean to do in Vegas but never get around to?
A really long gambling session. Like…really, really long.

That thing you have to do every time (your Vegas traditions)?
Buffet. It’s the Spice Market Buffet since they provide unlimited beer and wine, and you can find 2-for-1 prices on Groupon.

Thoughts or comments you’d like to share with our readers:
Las Vegas is definitely my most polarizing hobby. When mentioning my love for the “City of Sin” I get strong reactions either way. Chances are if you’re reading this and on this site, you’re in good company. It’s safe to share every debaucherous, zany, fun story with anyone you might talk to associated with this site. We won’t judge, and the story would probably brighten my week.

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  1. Welcome! I’ve eaten at Gordon Ramsay’s Steak twice. It’s not cheap, so bring your wallet. Worth every penny though…

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