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Rick's RestorationsRick's Restorations

Kenzie Marie explores the shooting locations of Rick’s Restorations, Count’s Kustoms, and Welder Up in Las Vegas. 

Television! The great American past-time. Strangely enough, I don’t own one, but everyone I know does, and a lot of them want to see the Pawn Stars location when they come to town. Been there done that! Now my boyfriend, who also owns his very own television, is a car guy. He watches anything and everything involving vehicle restoration including Pawn Stars. Needless to say, when I am at his house I get roped into watching the latest episodes of his favorite shows. I will admit I kind of enjoy it…but don’t tell him, please. On his latest trip to visit me here in Las Vegas he had one goal in mind…to seek out the locations of some of his favorite shows. I thought for sure we would be stopping by Pawn Stars, but no. He had a few other stops in mind. We spent a great day visiting Vegas Rat Rods, Counts Kustoms, and Ricks Restorations. Let me take you on a little tour.

Our first stop was the Welder Up garage home of Vegas Rat Rods. I was surprised by how close it was to the strip. You could easily cab or Uber over if you were interested. There was a ton to see from the minute we pulled up. The inside was set up like something you would see behind an old roadside gas station. The visuals made this a great experience.

Second, we stopped at Count’s Kustoms. Conveniently Count’s Kustoms is just a few blocks from Welder Up. If you are a fan of Count’s Kustoms or just like cars, you should really take the time to stop by this garage. There are so many great custom cars to see, as well as plenty of the projects they have worked on during episodes. They also sell some great custom artwork. I will definitely be checking this place out again.

Next up was lunch. As long as we were in the area I jumped at the opportunity to take him to El Dorado’s Cantina. El Dorado’s is a little tricky to find as its snuggled up in the same building as Saphire Gentlemen’s Club and there really isn’t any signage on the street. If you are feeling a little risque this is the restaurant for you. It has plush red walls, half-moon booths lining both walls, and the food is great. We shared the tableside guacamole, the steak and chicken fajitas…oh and I had to order the tres leches cake. Everything was delicious.

Last we stopped at Rick’s Restoration. Rick’s is closer to Downtown Las Vegas and a little trickier to get to. This was the only place that charged for the tour. Being a Vegas resident my admission was free, but my boyfriend had to pay $5.00. The tour consisted of being let into a room with plexiglass windows on all sides where you could look into the workshop and see everyone working. Unfortunately for us, nobody was working while we were there. Must have been on lunch break. There were still a lot of great things to see. Tons of old soda machines, bikes, gas pumps, and plenty of other items that could be purchased and restored.

Overall it was a great way to spend a day. We had a lot of fun adventuring around Las Vegas. Any great ideas for adventures the next time he comes to town?

[Photo Cred. Kenzie Marie]


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  1. Greg Garrett | December 19, 2017 at 7:37 am |

    There is a tour on that has or had a tour of the pawn shop, ricks, the counts customs along with the toy shop from the pawn shop. It also had the shop from the show tanked. That portion sucked. I enjoyed the rest of the tour. You are correct it is a must see.

  2. I went to the pawn shop once. I waited 20 minutes to see…well…the inside of a pawn shop. I’m not sure what I was expecting to see otherwise. I probably didn’t think it all the way through before I decided to go there. I bought a T-shirt though.

    I went to Danny “Count” Koker’s bar (Vamp’d) when I was there. I dig 80s rock music and the Iron Maidens were there that night. It was a cool experience. I was shocked to see Danny was actually in his own bar. (Do we really think Vince Neil has seen the inside of Tatuado in Circus Circus unless he was contractually obligated to be there?)

    Danny even hung out with us and chatted for about 20 minutes. He said he loves live music and comes to the bar fairly often to watch it.

    Overall, it was a really cool experience.

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