6 Comments on "The Lost in the Ether Trip Report – Part Two"

  1. You needed some Hangover Helper from the local dispensaries.

    Nice report!!

  2. This is brilliant, I feel like I’m there with you!

    I wish I was there. Sigh.

  3. Brilliant, descriptive writing Thanks brightened a cold damp English morning.

  4. I really enjoyed your writing style – thanks for a fun read!

  5. Great trip report! Thanks!

  6. FINALLY got a chance to read this! Excellent report, as always!!! Loved the extra blackjack, even though a lot of the details were “lost in the ether”. Glad to hear that Free Bet is still hanging in there! I’ve heard that it is now at the Rio, finally!!!! We will be staying there in a few weeks, so I plan to play that a LOT! I have to say that one statement in your report pretty much summed up many of my trips that have had dismal gambling results: “…it can be tough to leave a fun table in Vegas.” I have lost many a Benjamin due to this statement!!!

    Thanks again for sharing your report! It was a fun read!!!

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