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Michael James
Michael James is a true Vegas Nerd. First falling in love after hearing details of an aunt's visit in the '70s, and nurtured when the gambling bug hit as casinos started opening on every street corner across the country in the '90s. When not reading Vegas blogs and message boards, he's a metals buyer by day and a competitive bowler by night in Milwaukee.

5 Comments on "Michael James: I cashed at the World Series of Poker!"

  1. Michaelpags | July 11, 2017 at 6:55 am |

    This is awesome! My (even smaller) home league had tossed around the idea of doing something like this at one point but alas nothing ever came of it. We may have to revisit, with this as inspiration. Congrats to you and your friends!

    • Thanks!

      It is a lot of work tracking the points, number of cashes, referral bonuses, etc. But Scott and Dane have it down pretty well. I didn’t get to play in as many events as I’d like because of other commitments, so my only hope of winning a WSOP seat is to win the season end tournament.

      But a chip and a chair is all I need!

  2. Awesome article! Congratulations on “your” cash!! Lol

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