A Reader Rides a Slingshot Out of Town

One of our readers, BBmomo, rides a Slingshot out of town.

On my birthday trip walking the strip, we noticed this odd but very sharp looking car/motorcycle type thing. A convertible that has two wheels in the front, one in a back and its usually in red, lime green or black. Every time we saw one, we always pointed it out and kept wondering what it is and saying how cool it looks. So on the day we were to fly out, we randomly stumbled on a sign at the Shoppes at Mandalay Place. That’s where we found out the name of the odd looking vehicle. It is called a “SLINGSHOT” and they were for rent.

My travel buddy decided that since Casino Royale’s roulette table was paying for it (from the night before, hehe), we went up to the dude at the kiosk and asked if there was one available. To our surprise, there was one on the way back. Perfect. Since we were flying out that day we didn’t have too much time. The guy said we should have enough time to go to Red Rock.

Down to the parking lot and there it was sitting there – a red and black SlingShot. We got in and off we went. I have never been in anything like it. It was so different than sitting in a car as there were no doors or windows. It was so fun and every time we stopped at the lights people in the cars beside us were always looking. We even had a couple people ask what it was.

We were headed to Red Rock but got turned around by the police as there was an accident and they were closing down the road. We had no idea where to go so we looked on Google maps and headed towards the canyons. Finally, we were out of town and it was just the road and the canyons around us. The view was amazing. I had to have taken 50+ pictures and videos. We found a spot where we could stop and walk around a little and for me to take more pictures.

Slingshot Slingshot Slingshot

Some tips on being a passenger of a slingshot:

1. Put on sunscreen – we thought we could start driving and then at some point stop and put on sunscreen. The SlingShot was so fun to drive that we didn’t stop until we got out to the dessert and by that time, we were burnt.
2. Girls, tie your hair back. Of course, the day we were in the slingshot was the day I forgot to bring a hair tie. By the time I got off my hair was so knotted I kid you not it took me 2 hrs to get all the knots out.
3. Bring water and drink lots of it.

This was super spontaneous but it was totally the highlight of the trip. We constantly talk about it and we’re planning on renting one again for a trip to Lake Mead and maybe the Grand Canyons. But this time I will remember to put sunscreen on and tie my hair up before getting in for a ride.

[Photos: BBmomo | Cover image: Adrenaline Rush Singshot]

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BBmomo is one of our readers and occasionally writes up an article when she has an experience she wants to share.

4 Comments on "A Reader Rides a Slingshot Out of Town"

  1. ChrisinNashville | July 7, 2017 at 7:07 am |

    This is awesome! Looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This would be amazing. May I ask, how much (give or take) was the rental for a few hours?

  3. When we did this it’s was around $180 for 2 hrs.
    Most recently we looked into it again and it’s around the same price or you can rent it for 24hrs for $449

  4. charles brooks | July 9, 2017 at 9:51 am |

    I dont understand the facination here….that thing sure looks dangerous…..

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