Biting In: Virgil’s Real BBQ at Linq Promenade

BigAzMarty reviews Virgil’s Real BBQ at Linq Promenade.

Hey, all! BigAZMarty here with a quick review of Virgil’s BBQ at the Linq Promenade.

Virgil's Real BBQ

If you walk up the LINQ Promenade, it will be on the north side past O’Sheas. The entrance was a little odd; we walked in through the glass garage doors at the bar as they didn’t have the normal glass door open yet. It’s just a big place; we were only about halfway back in the first-floor dining area, and they have a big bar and stairs that lead up to (I think) another Bar/Club area for dancing at night I believe. It really is a big place.

Virgil's Real BBQ

It’s run by the people that run Carmine’s (in the Caesars Forum Shops), and the placemats show all the places they had visited before they came up with the menu. And, it is a varied menu. I’m usually smoking a Tri-Tip with some smoked mac-n-cheese in my smoker as I have other places that serve excellent brisket in my town (Naked BBQ and Little Miss BBQ). The Virgil’s BBQ menu is varied across different styles of BBQ, but my wife and I both agree the two item combo seems to be the best deal as you get two types of meat, two sides, and cornbread for one price. The sides are not included on other entrees so be aware of that. When we ordered, my wife got a two meat combo (chicken and brisket, sides are mashed potatoes and cole slaw), I went double and went for the two meat combo (double order of brisket, cole slaw, and potato salad). We wait for about 15-20 minutes, and it’s out, and it’s good.

The brisket is very good, and yes, you will be in a meat coma for a bit. Their BBQ sauce is really tasty and thick so be aware that little dabs are a good thing. The Cole Slaw is more Carolina-based (vinegar and a little bit of mustard), the potato salad is mustard based as well. It was very tasty as well. A double serving was close to as much as I want to shovel in.  The wife commented that the brisket was way better than the chicken so now you know what not to order. It is not cheap. We had just the combo plates and a couple of sodas each and I think the bill was $62 bucks. But hey, I didn’t have to dress up to get in either. Fancy steakhouses, you lose out.

Both the wife and I will revisit Virgil’s again as we never made it to their desserts (we walked about 1/2 an hour before we felt like ordering Sprinkles to go). I would recommend going at lunch time as that gives you plenty of time to walk it off before doing any big activity at night.

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  1. Cathryn Carter | January 10, 2017 at 10:37 am |

    Thanks. Pricey place. Wonder if barbecue sauce was sweet or spicy? Do they have a real wood-fired pit on site?

    • It is a sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, it’s pretty thick consistency wise. There is also a bottle of hot sauce on the table if you want to really spice it up (BTW the BBQ sauce has some of the hot sauce in it…it’s on the label of ingredients). I believe they do but I could not smell it from the dining room, but they had those big glass garage doors open which took any smells right out the door.

  2. Scott Johnson | January 10, 2017 at 2:51 pm |

    Does seem pricey. Maybe they’ll get a bunch of overflow when the lines are too long at In n Out.

  3. Happy to hear you liked it. I’m a fan of the original (?) in Times Square, and go there when the diet allows.

  4. There is one hear in the heart of Times Square. Never tried it. Most locals don’t eat food in Times Square too. Got it for my grandparents who are for the south and they seemed to like it but anything beats meals on wheels for them.

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