Review: The Mandalay Bay Executive Suite Room

BigAzMarty checks-in to a Mandalay Bay Executive Suite Room

Hi all, BigAZMarty here with a review of the Mandalay Bay Executive Suite Room.

We started our New Year’s journey to Las Vegas a couple of days early when my wife and I found we had some extra nights available at Mandalay Bay. Not only were they comp’d, but she got $30 free play and $50 resort credit as well and it wasn’t the standard rooms either, so we picked the Executive King Suite. We’d seen pictures on before but weren’t sure exactly how it would look. So we reserved and the Tuesday after Xmas we started our journey. It’s about 4.5 hours from where we live to drive to Las Vegas. If we fly it’s an hour to the airport, an hour for baggage/security, an hour waiting at the gate, a 45-minute flight, another hour to get bags from airport to rental car…well you get it we just drive. So we get there a little early and use the Privileged Check In (we still had Gold cards, but were at Pearl for current year). Self-Parking is free (but a little confusing as to which slot to put the MLife card…and disregard the room key on exit, use the MLife card instead, again, free if Pearl and above). Up to the 4th floor and we park literally in the first spot outside of the elevator bay. Good sign right?

Anywhooo….we get our keys after a hike and get up to the room. We aren’t as high up as the last time with the Resort Room, we open the door (26102) and think hmmm….this looks really familiar. It is an expanded Resort Room. I can explain it better, though. As you walk in the bed looks exactly the same as one from a Resort Room (but this one is stiffer and less comfortable..perhaps they need to switch out the topper already), the wallpaper is the same as is the furniture in the main part of the room. The difference is on the windows side (which put a blue tint on everything).

There is a kick out of the wall and where the chairs were in the Resort Room there is a very nice glass desk with a tall executive leather and chrome chair and a tub chair with a short back to make interviewee’s uncomfortable.

Mandalay Bay Executive Suite Room - BigAzMarty

To the right (or left if you end up on the opposite side of the hallway) is where the couch and two chairs are overlooking the windows and isolated from the bedroom by a wall.

Mandalay Bay Executive Suite Room - BigAzMarty Mandalay Bay Executive Suite Room - BigAzMarty

Very comfortable seating and a throw pillow back on the sofa so you can arrange it any way you like. Views are incredible (except for the concrete toothpicks that were to be SkyWheel’s footings). The first thing I thought of was this almost looks like a Hollywood role call office and casting couch setup. No, we never got to try that out because we were just too busy as my wife used the desk for work and then we were out and about for the 2 nights we were there. But, it could be used for that type of role play if you wanted to (nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more, you know what I mean).

So far excellent, now looking back into the room I notice another slight difference from the Resort Room, the closet wall that separates the bathroom from the bedroom has one more closet door on the hallway side than the headboard side. So more room there as well. I walk into the bathroom, and while it looks very similar, the bathtub is actually a lot bigger than the one in the Resort Room. The shower is slightly larger as well. This is all good if you need space and find the Resort Room just a little small.

All in all the room was excellent; the service was really good (we never actually had to ask for housekeeping, and that never happens in Las Vegas). We ate at the Sea Breeze Cafe. Johnny Rocket’s (shakes to die for as well as Hot Fudge Sundae’s) and the Buffet, we snacked the rest of the time. Oh yeah, the little gift shop near the elevator bay already has the Golden Knights gear out for sale (new NHL expansion team for LV). Didn’t have my phone the whole time there as I left in in the car by accident and was borrowing my wife’s phone for pictures….see the gallery.

Now for the odd part and it’s not anything to do with the room at all. It’s the casino floor. It’s bare…sparse and they’ve done something I’ve not seen at an MGM property before. They’ve removed a lot of the slot and video poker machines off the floor. In doing so, they’ve really increased walkways and space between the machines, like I could do aerobics in the space between banks of machines; it’s that far apart now. If I was to guess I am thinking soon they will put up some construction walls and fill in some of the middle spaces where they have little lounges and high limit rooms and such and put something bigger as Light is out back near the parking garage and House of Blues occupies the space on the north end. Or maybe it will be the new Millennial place if Level Up is a success at MGM Grand. Either way, I haven’t seen that type of sparse floor layout since some of the older casinos were about to be closed out.

All in all a good time (machines were much tighter than in March/April, not as much fun so my wife got to do some blackjack while I minimized losses). We did make it over to the Luxor after walking the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay and had a much better time there. 4OAK’s by both of us, a $80 gain on a Jurassic Park Wild machine while doing minimum bets. And, an Austin Powers machine that was just hooked to the Fat Bastard bonus for about 45 minutes and paid out $60 on min bets after I played it down a lot. A variety of machines was much better at Luxor than at Mandalay Bay as well which surprised me a lot. One thing is that Mandalay Bay still has 2 of the Big Bang Theory Big Screen dual seat machines and 1 Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers, but neither paid at all and were just $20 deposits to MGM the entire time.

Mandalay Bay Executive Suite Room - BigAzMarty

Check out was funky, the TV check out would lock up, so we ended up calling down to check out and then we were off to the place we spent through New Years Day (Planet Hollywood). That will be on a later visit report…same Resort Vista room type I reported on earlier this year.

Anyways, this or the Resort King room would do for any visit to the south side of the strip at MB. They are very nice, and MGM maintains them really well. They still look new and comfortable except for the hard bed in the Executive King.

[Photos: BigAzMarty]

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A computer professional who has worked at several types of positions with several different businesses and still learning and changing. Introduced properly to Las Vegas and Laughlin by the spouse and have been going ever since 1990. A frequent visitor from not to far away where it's almost always 10 degrees warmer than Vegas.

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  1. Chris in Nashville | January 10, 2017 at 7:30 am |

    Good review. I have never stayed here but want to some day. I am skeptical of the online check in as I like to at least request a high floor, confirm non smoking, etc. Does the online check in and self key retrieval just give you whatever room they want?

    • I actually don’t know that. We always use the Invited Guest’s line where we can talk to one of the desk people, they have been really helpful in getting us a nice higher room with a view (last time over the pools and this time the strip and north side of the airport). I have the same qualms you do about the online services…you get what they assign you and you don’t get to try the $20 tip trick to hopefully get a room with a view. I even avoid the kiosks at Caesars Properties as you have no chance of getting a choice of just get assigned something empirically which is adverse to true customer service. But hey when have you used a full service gas station in the last 10 years?

  2. Scott Johnson | January 10, 2017 at 3:07 pm |

    Thanks for the review. Never stayed at Mandalay, but I have stayed in the Delano tower. This room look pretty similar. Delano had a desk against the wall (no glass) and a larger couch. And so much white.

    Interesting about the casino floor. I’ve always thought extra space was bad for a casino – it doesn’t make any money.

  3. Only wanna stay here for the beach and pool. AH- MAZING

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