Caesars Roman Tower To Close, Becomes Julius Tower in 2016


Greg C informed us that Caesars Roman Tower is set to close for renovations.

The 50-year-old “Roman” tower at Caesars Palace will close to begin a $75 million interior renovation.  This old tower was the original Caesars tower dating back to 1965. It will be renamed the “Julius” tower once completed, should look pretty much the same on the outside. It is crazy to look back at old photos from ’65 when the tower stood alone surrounded by desert.
– Greg C

We reached out to Caesars Entertainment and they confirmed the closure for:

Sometime in November, we do not have a definite date. We are not accepting any more reservations for the Roman Tower, right now we are honoring reservations that have already been made. – Very Friendly, Well-Spoken Caesars Rep

The new Julius tower is expected to open January 1st, 2016 with 580 rooms. Rates will start at $149 a night (we guess Monday – Thursday, non-convention times). Caesars released these images of the new rooms:

Caesars Julius Tower

Julius Tower Bathroom: Shiny new “place to go.”

Caesars Julius Tower

Julius Tower Bedroom, even the flatscreen sparkles

We paid a visit to their site, and there are no Roman Tower rooms available, they made quick work of putting up Julius Tower rooms that you can book for January 1st. All dates prior (the renovation time) shows “sold out” but obviously, they don’t have a way to put “Making things pretty enough to sell”.


Now back to what Greg C mentioned… a picture of the Roman tower surrounded by sand.


In amazing timing, one of our readers, Mark H emailed us as this article was being written. He asked a good question which I’m giving to you readers out there. What do you think?

The $75 million “Julius” tower remodel that was announced for Caesars Palace, that is suspiciously the same amount they were going to spend on the Harrah’s Las Vegas remodel or close to it.  Did they cancel the Harrah’s room remodel in favor of their most popular property that will go into REIT with the creditors owning the property (except for Octavius Tower) if nothing changes on CEOC bankruptcy plans?  I.E. is it a creditor backdoor sweeten the deal type change? – Marty H

What do you think of Marty’s question? Feel free to speculate in the comments below.

[Images: Greg C, Caesars Entertainment]

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  1. jackie franklin | October 27, 2015 at 9:39 am |

    this pic is pretty insane to see. never stayed in Caesars before but the new rooms look pretty dope if i do say so myself

  2. In this era of ‘de-theming’ of Vegas hotels, I’m happy to see one of the classic flagship hotels keeping theirs!

  3. Jackie, there’s lots of old Vegas photos online that will make your eyes pop! Colin that is a fresh perspective, it is really a great thing that their not just tearing down and rebuilding, keeping one of the oldest buildings on the strip alive!

  4. Brilliant site by the way, definitely fills the void left by VC. Really helps us Vegas obsessed Brits keep up to date with what’s going on over the pond, and also to plan my next visit! Thanks!

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